What Is Fusion? (FSN) Complete Guide Review About Fusion.

What Is Fusion? (FSN) Complete Guide Review About Fusion.

What Is Fusion?

Fusion is inclusive. It integrates the cryptocurrencies that exist today and that will exist in the future, connecting centralized and decentralized organizations, accommodating authentication mechanisms and anonymous trading mechanisms and introducing on-chain data and off-chain data. The restructuring. (FSN) bills itself as an all-inclusive blockchain-based financial platform that offers cross-chain, cross-organization, and cross-data source services through smart contracts. The project uses the Hierarchical Hybrid Consensus Mechanism (HHCM), which amalgamates elements from PoW, PoS, and parallel computing with the goal of creating an efficient and safe platform.

Fusion Coin Notably, leverages what it dubs ‘Distributed Control Right Management’ as a security layer that protects cryptoassets on the Fusion blockchain. The distributed storage and sharding of a private key ensures means that no single node can gain control of assets. Fusion also provides for multiple triggering modes, such as time and event-based triggers, into its smart contracts, which were designed to meet the demands of complex financial smart contracts.

Fusion Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameFusion
Short NameFSN
Circulating Supply69,326,292.98 FSN
Total Supply69,326,293
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Fusion Coin cross-chain interoperability through a decentralized custodian model (DCRM)

Time-Lock Feature

The unique Time-Lock feature enables you to extract time-value out of your digital assets

Smart Contracts

Ethereum compatible enhanced cryptofinancial smart contracts


Fusion manage and control private keys in a distributed manner with DCRM technology


Scalable, decentralized, efficient and environmental friendly network nodes

Digital Assets

Create, manage or even lend your own digital assets & NFT’s using the FRC20 protocol


Fusion efficient and improved Ethereum compatible, tickered proof of stake alghorithm

Developer Friendly

Jumpstart application development with a rich set of APIs geared to finance

Wide application scope

Enrich Digital Asset

Fusion Coin create bonds, options, futures, enforce restricted shares and more by separating the rights and ownership of an asset over time.

Create An Exchange

Whether it is OTC trading, private exchange, centralized, decentralized, or somewhere in between–the tools will let you create a low-fee transaction platform for the assets of your choice.

Manage Liceness & Royalities

Fusion Issue licenses with expiration dates and collect royalties with minimal delay and middle-men for your intellectual property (such as software) and creative content (such as media).

Ecosystem projects

Fusion Wallet

Manage, create, enhance, send, receive, time-lock and swap digital assets within an interoperable framework. 

Quantum Swap Sandbox

Fusion Coin seamlessly swap any digital asset with any exchange pair and maintain complete control over all of the swap parameters enjoying low gas fees.

Block Explorer

Fully realized block explorer to track transactions, wallet addresses, block height, time-locks and native and external assets.



DCRM is a patent pending cryptographic technology that enables various digital assets to be mapped on and off the blockchain seamlessly and securely. By creating a bridge between blockchains, DCRM is the only complete interoperability solution that is decentralised, efficient and secure.

Fusion Network

The protocol is the perfect technology environment to build a new forward-thinking application or cost-saving solution for your business. On any and all digital assets become interlinked and are able to freely interact, fostering seamless integration with other businesses and technical systems. Blockchain development is easy on with a rich set of Finance focused APIs drastically reducing the requirement to program complex smart contracts.

Ticketed Proof of Stake (TPoS)

Fusion Like many other chains Fusion started out as a fork of Ethereum. This means that it uses the exact same type of cryptography as Ethereum, so if you control an address on Ethereum you can also control that address on as long as you have the private key, or store it on a hardware wallet. There are however differences between and Ethereum.

Time lock

Time-Locks are not the same as Time-locks on many other chains or smart contracts. The term is most commonly used to denote locking access to an asset for a specific period of time. Time-Locks are completely different from this and the term is therefore confusing as it has an entirely different use-case often misunderstood by receivers of time locked FSN tokens.

The Vision

Fusion Coin ision is to establish a platform-level public chain in the crypto-financial era that as a key infrastructure for value transfer can connect all kinds of values, provide complete financial functions, communicate diverse communities and tokens, and bridge the centralized and decentralized organizations to bring the Internet of Values as early as possible.