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What Is Freedom 22 DAO (FREE)? Complete Guide Review About Freedom 22 DAO.

What Is Freedom 22 DAO (FREE)?

Freedom 22 DAO project leaders will also be on hand to give any support needed to the community. The key team members will be video doxxing to the community within the first week and will also organize regular AMAs with the community. They will include a 25% progressive tax on every sale, which reduces hourly until it settles at 15%. On the dashboard, token holders will be able to track the current tax. The protocol has a function in place that prevents any address from having more than 0.2% percent of circulating supply and also imposing a maximum sell per transaction. This will help reduce price volatility by preventing whales from holding too many tokens or engaging in massive sell-offs of the token.

Freedom 22 DAO Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameFreedom 22 DAO
Short NameFREE
Circulating Supply75,000,000.00 FREE
Total Supply100,000,000
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WhitepaperClick Here To View
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

Secure Asset Funds for Users

Liquidity will be locked for 3-6 months. This timeline will be such, to allow the possibility of being able to transfer liquidity from Trader Joe (which will be used at launch) to your very own Snow Swap once development is fully completed. 70% of tokens will be stored in the Snow Burner, which will aid your 1-1 mechanism, allowing it to be sustainable over time. 20% will be added to liquidity on Trader Joe at launch. We will be migrating liquidity to Snow Swap once they have this completed. 5% will be saved in allocation for future exchange listings as they plan to scale the project further.

This will be short term vested to provide community confidence. 2% of tokens will be for team and development and will be vested and spread over across 1 year. This will help grow the team to develop Snow Protocol products. 1% of tokens will be short term vested as well and saved for Airdrops. They will most use airdrops to encourage adoption of your utility products.

Snow Protocol

There are currently 5 main utility products that will make up the ecosystem, with more to be added as the project progresses. Freedom 22 DAO will be a range of unique DeFi products powering projects on the Avalanche Smart Chain. These products will become the main driver of all project launches on AVAX. These products, while standalone, will play a huge part in supporting Snow Burn. 40% of revenue from fees will be used to periodically buy back and burn Snow Burn tokens, while 30% will be used to market the products and the final 30% to be used to maintain the products.

Snow Track

Freedom 22 DAO Track will become the No 1 token tracker on the AVAX network. It will provide detailed real time data on projects which will help investors generate trading strategies. We will also develop a unique algorithm that makes recommendations to investors based on the risk profile of various projects. APIs (Application Programming Interface) integration with applications such as Telegram, will be developed, giving investor communities a more effective way to monitor token prices.

Snow swap

It will provide users with a quick, affordable and secure option to exchange tokens and also manage liquidity. Given the branding, Snow Swap will be putting plans in place to become the leading DEX on the Avalanche network.

Snow Locker

Freedom 22 DAO Locker will be the most reliable liquidity locker on the Avalanche network, providing project stakeholders with security via your sophisticated liquidity lock mechanism which is built to adapt to changes in security requirements over time. They are so confident in Snow Lock that they would use it to secure your tokens at the launch of Snow Burn. This should encourage other project founders to adopt Snow Locker.

Snow Launch

Snow Launch will allow for pre sales, fair-launches and whitelisting. They will also provide project owners an easy to use platform to generate smart contracts. Snow Launch will provide an easy to use platform for founders to launch their projects. There would also be a KYC (Know Your Customer) function which will provide recommendations to investors on which projects Freedom 22 DAO regard as reliable.

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