What Is Foresight (FORS)?

What Is Foresight (FORS)? Complete Guide Review About Foresight.

What Is Foresight (FORS)?

Cancer is your first mission. Foresight not stopping at the moon. You’ve seen the twist. They needed to build an audience. They’ve got massive plans for AstroFarms™. They are excited to bring AstroFans your newest component to your rapidly evolving Polygon yield farm. They have created a unique way for investors to earn interest on their money, as if they had twice as much staked. By purchasing all 4 Astro Power NFTs, the investor will now have a combined 100% bonus rewards.

There are a few caveats and the design is quite complex; let’s get in to it. There are steps and key elements in which an investor needs to follow in order to ensure that they can use the multiplier correctly and hold on to their Astro Power NFTs. Firstly, it should be noted, it is not necessary to collect all Astro Power NFT’s in order to receive a Multiplier. Each Astro Power UP NFT has a specific percentage allocated for their Astro PowerUP (multiplication factor), however, to get the full 2X Multiplier(100%), you will need the full set.

Foresight Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameForesight
Short NameFORS
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Total SupplyN/A
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2X Astro Power NFT Multipliers

Let’s dive in to the NFT protection first, since I know, someone out there will be so excited and not necessarily know all of the information before purchasing. These Astro Power NFTs are designed to burn if you do not have a Shield in your wallet. This is important; do not buy an NFT until you have purchased your Shield. Each Foresight must have at one corresponding NFT shield in the same wallet.

The price of each NFT shield is listed below

Again, after you have purchased your NFT shield, you will need to hold your shield in your wallet or your NFT will burn. Additionally, when you purchase a LEO shield this will also grant you access to the LEO | Kings of the Zodiac Telegram Group. This is your community/governance group. For now, they hold votes and work with the community to strategize. They also post your stealth launches minutes before announcing to the world.

Ultimately, Astro Farms ownership will be transferred over to the DAO, made up of this community. However, I digress. In order to help regulate the prices of these NFT shields, the Cancer and Neptune missions will not end. Going forward, you will only be able to farm $CANCER and $NEPTUNE with your $LEO TOKENS/LPS. This will of course be on the Cancer and Neptune Missions. Every other pool/farm will have its emissions removed and this will become the standard for each layer upon mission completion moving forward.

Each wallet can only use one of each NFT as a multiplier

For example, you can hold two LEO Foresight in different wallets and, you will still need their corresponding Nft Shields in each wallet. They have been working extremely hard to bring investors sound, professional ideas; building a long term, sustainable protocol. After the tremendous reactions, growth and response to your progress since your initial $LEO Token launch on June 28th, 2021, the possibilities are endless in this space.

What are Astro Vaults?

One of your many reward systems. One of the main reasons they use your vaults is to give back to your AstroFam. Foresight reward you for holding your tokens. They decided to take a portion of your deposit fee and simply, purchase stables that you want to earn. Only Possible in AstroFarms™, as they are committed to being THE constellation for Polygon DeFi. Upon takeoff (block 18000000) they will be heading deep in to the Mission.

If you have not enrolled yourself, you will no longer be able to stake your NEPTUNE; your ship will be out of orbit. You will be rewarded heavily for your vision and desire to explore Neptune. Because you were willing to go where other explorers would not. Be sure to enrol before the launch or you will miss the mission!

Why Foresight drafted for this mission

One Way Missions provided a place where Explorers can put their $NEPTUNE tokens to use and earn more High Interest. These missions (pools) utilize a “toll bridge” upon entry. The toll bridge is a form of a token burn mechanism in which 100% of all NEPTUNE staked in the One Way Mission is burned at the conclusion of the mission, when all rewards are distributed. Keep your eyes on the sky Explorers. If we launch these One Way Missions, its because they are of vital importance in supporting your main missions.

Intro To Black holes

From now on (now and future missions), your good deeds will always be rewarded with $KARMA. The black hole will funnel the liquidity from Old Missions into the new and upcoming Exploration Missions! Upon sending your $CANCER/$NEPTUNE/$VIRGO into the black hole, $KARMA will become harves table.$LIBRA will be launched with a new mechanic where your $KARMA tokens can be sent back into the Black Hole and you will be able to harvest your $LIBRA tokens over a 7 day period.

$VIRGO Blackhole $KARMA Allocation

The Black hole works similar to the One Way Mission but instead of the tokens burning after the mission ends, the funds will be sent to the DEV wallet and then those tokens will be sold on the market and those funds will be used for liquidity on the next layer. Foresight Token transfers will be locked upon initial liquidity being added to prevent bot snipes. $KARMA is a vesting token but the tokens aren’t burned. Once the Black Hole evaporates, those tokens get sent to the Dev wallet which will be strategically sold and turned into liquidity for $LIBRA