Foodclub Ico Review: Revolutionary Crypto Token For Food Tech.

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About Foodclub Ico

Foodclub is an innovative Blockchain based Crypto Token intended to disrupt the Food Delivery business by acting as a facilitator between End Users, Restaurants and Couriers. The Food Club utility token is designed to be distributed as a reward to the involved parties on a per transaction basis. A whole token or a fraction is automatically distributed instantly to the End Users, Restaurants and Couriers involved in the transaction. Currently Food Club is implemented with and platforms and portals that are active in the Food Delivery business in the Turkish market.

Foodclub Ico Key Information

Token NameFoodclub ico
Short NameDMOD
Ico PriceN/A
Soft CapN/A
Available For SaleN/A
Personal CapN/A
Total SupplyN/A
Token typeERC-20
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Problem & Solution


The Foodclub Ico online food delivery business in developed countries is under the domain of big players that have access to enormous financial resources and have built high barriers of entry. These monopolies eliminate the chance for the business competition leaving both clients and restaurants with limited options and the created value being accumulated in only few entities.


With Foodclub they accelerate the competition in the market and lower the barriers of entry to the sector by providing innovative and viral promotional engine. Food Club also redistributes the value generated in that business to the parties that are entitled for that share: Power (Frequent) Users, Restaurants and involved Couriers.

Mobile App

Foodclub with the Food Club mobile application you can access your wallet in the Food Club system and perform various operations such as buying and selling FOODC tokens, transferring tokens from your native virtual wallet to any external Ethereum wallet, managing yor profile settings and easily contacting the call center personnel. Food Club mobile application provides the identical functionalities that can be accessed from the user cabinet available on this web site.

Andriod & IOS App

Food Club and Mobile Applications work in coherence and seamless integration to provide first class service for the food delivery sector and instant reflection of the distributed Tokens.

The Coin

Foodclub Ico (FOODC) token has been loaded on 2 nd of August 2021 on the Ethereum Mainnet.

  • You can access the token detail on Etherscan at:
  • The smart contract ID number is: 0xbe81971ec924de1ae0ecd9d1a8c2162b64373f6e
  • The smart contract has been audited by Techrate, you can find a copy of the audit report from this link.
  • FOODC token is also available UNISWAP decentralized exchange for trading.


The coin is developed with the ERC-20 protocol and is compliant with all the AML & KYC requirements. This is a Utility Token that will be used three dimensionally:

  • For fundraising to support the business development of the food delivery business that is currently related to ( and
  • To serve as a viral marketing engine and catalyst for the growth of the food delivery brands ( and
  • To serve as a value (wealth) distribution medium redistributing wealth from the established monopolistic structures to the parties essentially creating that business


Foodclub is an innovative food tech initiative providing the restaurant industry with a comprehensive software solution to facilitate additional delivery order sales from the
existing channels and manage the complexity for vendors to grow their businesses.
The primary objective of the system is to bring additional sales to restaurant businesses
and to provide a fully equipped website, mobile application, call center and sales
channels management system.

Token Distribution

The Food Club release on exchanges will serve as a fundraising campaign for a project that has completed the software development for the related business processes. The funds will be used mostly to scale the project that is already generating revenue.


Foodclub Ico tokens will be initially distributed in 6 different segments: team members, advisors, public sale, food delivery rewards, masternodes, project reserve. There is a timing restriction on the token sales of the team members and advisors.