What Is Fndz? (FNDZ) Complete Guide Review About Fndz.

What Is Fndz? (FNDZ) Complete Guide Review About Fndz.

What Is Fndz?

Fndz Coin is the world’s best DeFi copy trading platform that makes copy/social trading possible from a truly decentralized angle. Through the FNDZ platform, you will be able to copy your favorite and best-performing trader without ever having to monitor the markets 24/7. Through the FNDZ platform, you actually own your assets and have them safely stored in your personal Metamask wallet.

Fndz Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameFndz
Short NameFNDZ
Circulating Supply11,003,199.56 FNDZ
Total Supply 100,000,000
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A pioneer in DeFi copy trading

FNDZ is a pioneer in defining a copy trading platform that is truly retail-friendly. There are no complex features or vague explanations, just a straightforward and easy-to-use platform where you can generate returns while sitting back on autopilot.

Control over assets

Fndz while using the platform, you retain full control over your assets. You deposit your assets in a vault, but only your unique wallet ID has access to withdraw your funds. They are always securely stored in your wallet upon withdrawal.

Easy to use

By using the platform, you are no longer exposed to the risks of storing cryptocurrencies on an exchange. This risk is completely avoided by storing the assets safely in the vault / your own wallet.

No exchange risk

Due to its fully decentralized structure, the FNDZ platform is governed by a large number of smart contracts (with audits), which significantly reduces the risks of being exploited by third parties or subjected to an exchange hack.

Transparent fee structure

The Fndz Coin platform provides a fair order book (access to DEX liquidity) that is neither compiled by market makers nor manipulated in any other way. The FNDZ order book is simply a decentralized liquidity pool that provides fair order distributions. In addition, They has transparent fee structures where you always know what, to whom, and how much you will pay to copy a particular trader.

Token utilities


The token will also be usable to vote on governance proposals. These will vary from fee models to hiring people for protocol development of treasury funds and any other proposal made by the community.


One referral link can be created per trader. The promoter can share this referral link with new traders. Each new trader can join a particular trader’s strategy only once. If the trader referred by the promoter is profitable at the time the performance fee is due, that promoter will receive 1% of the 20% performance fee.


Some traders realizing better performance may nevertheless have small vaults and no visibility to a larger audience. In this case, traders with a minimum of 4 weeks of 10% performance can buy tokens to promote their vault on the front page.

Security and Procedure

The contract is designed to protect users from risks on network ecosystems. The following risks have been considered:

Miner Extractable Value (MEV) and frontrunning: It is possible for savvy network participants to monitor the blockchain and interfere with the transactions of copy traders. Taking active steps in its technical architecture to prevent this. Distribution of Contracts: Rather than having one contract with a high amount of authority over user activity and governance, contracts are balkanized in order to isolate addressable risks.

Bridge Insurance: The BSC ⇔ ETH bridge will offer insurance for assets moving across chains to protect against operational, counterparty, and network risks. Decentralized governance: Initially, control over parameters is managed by the team to support risk management before full control is handed over to the platform participants. Neither the team nor the governing collective has access to nor control over users’ funds.


The Fndz Coin platform has a variety of fees. There are 4 main fee models:

Management fee

There is a management fee that goes both to the trader and the FNDZ platform. A redemption fee is charged to a novice trader when he exits the vault.

Performance fee

FNDZ token stakers receive 2% from the performance fee from all the successful traders realising performance.

Creation fee

When a trader creates a vault there is a fee to be paid which is automatically swapped for the FNDZ token and burned.

Redemption fee

Fndz redemption fee is charged to a novice trader when he exits the vault.


FNDZ is an open, transparent platform for novice and experienced traders. The goals are, first, to give small investors a chance to perform like the best traders and, second, to give good traders a way to further monetize their performance with a management fee and performance fee. This is all done in a decentralized environment that is trustless, automated, and secure.