Flesh Token

What Is Flesh Token(FLESH)? Complete Guide Review About Flesh Token.

What Is Flesh Token(FLESH)?

Flesh Token once rested peacefully in their grave. The curse of Ethereum has fallen upon the blockchain and woke the zombiez. Mint up to 3 zombies in your exclusive pre-sale, and up to 5 in coins public sale. As newly found Zombiez, you will see uniqueness and individualism throughout the entire Ethereum graveyard. There are no two identical Zombiez, and all have different combinations of traits, making some Zombiez much more powerful and rare than others. Look out for your rare 1 of 1 hand-drawn Zombiez.

Flesh Token a user opens their Meta Mask, they are shown a variety of assets, including tokens. By default, Meta Mask auto-detects some major popular tokens and auto-displays them, but for most tokens, the user will need to add the token themselves. While this is possible using your UI with the  button, that process can be cumbersome, and involves the user interacting with contract addresses, and is very error prone. Manage your cryptoassets – watch or trade tokens, collectibles.

Flesh Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameFlesh Token
Short NameFLESH
Circulating SupplyN\A
Total Supply588,830,000
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Flesh Token purchases and fictionalizes Blue Chip NFT to be distributed to its members. The $FLESH token represents fractional shares of Blue Chip NFT held in the vault. Each Crypto Zombiez NFT earns 10 FLESH per day. In addition, each Crypt Zombies NFT grants access to the exclusive DAO community and voting rights over the DAO’s assets. The Crypto Zombiez DAO will provide holders with exclusive access to NFT drops, periodically claimable NFTs, and much more future utility.

Why the DAO? Why the Staking?

Flesh Token believe this is the way, the future of NFT. If your NFT does not provide real-world utility to you, it is not much else other than a picture. They are aligning art, community, and $FLESH token utility together to create the ultimate NFT. At any moment in time, you can withdraw your Zombiez from the staking pool. There is no penalty. You will never lose access to your zombie, no matter the rarity. Staking is depositing your Crypto Zombiez into a staking pool smart contract. The contract pays you $FLESH token rewards daily while you stake your NFTs with us.

What is the Crypto Zombiez NFT utility?

The team has 30 Crypto Flesh Token reserved mainly for promotional purposes, giveaways, marketing, etc, and for airdrops to the community members that deserve it for their outstanding involvement. By owning a Crypto Zombie, you now have rights to the Zombiez DAO, which is a an exclusive community dedicated to owners of the Zombiez, also known as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Every single Zombie you own will count as 1 vote in the DAO. The DAO will determine every move this company make as a community.

What is $FLESH useful for? What is the utility?

$FLESH tokens will be earned by the holders of the Crypto Zombiez. $FLESH is fictionalized tokens of a certain BLUE CHIP NFT(to be decided shortly). Your Crypto Zombiez can generate $FLESH while it remains in the staking pool. The $FLESH will also be used in the future for different things in the Zombieverse. You will earn 10 $FLESH/per day/per Zombie.

Where can I mint?

Once available it will be through a link on Flesh Token website (will also be posted on Discord) They will NEVER message you, only use official links posted in the discord channels. Here are some of the most asked questions this coins team has received during the process of making this project, check out your responses below!