What Is Flama net (FMA)?

What Is Flama net (FMA)? Complete Guide Review About Flama net.

What Is Flama net (FMA)?

Goals and OKRs define calculated steps to reach that vision. High-level goals should be defined by individual teams (marketing, engineering, product, community, policy, etc.) and debated with other teams. Alignment on quarterly goals sets a north compass that everyone can execute toward. Flama net defines how the DAO will reach the goals.

The road map does not serve to be prescriptive. Instead, it aims to drive accountability to projects and teams, add visibility to broader community and outsiders, and ensure alignment between various teams. The road map is meant to be grassroots, in that each project is championed by community members.

Flama net Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameFlama net
Short NameFMA
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply40,886,295
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ICE DAO is in it for the long-run. They believe that they can outlast the economic structures of today and be a model for how economies should be run in the future. As such, Flama net consider the long-term implications of your decisions. They’re deliberate in your decisions but they are not rushed. When faced with tough trade-offs, they consider the long-term impact.

While they believe decentralized structures are best suited for achieving this vision, they realize that some structure is needed to align on common goals, evaluate projects, create accountability and ensure successful execution.


All bond contracts are more or less the same, with the one exception of the assets or LP tokens they manage. The bond contracts handle all deposits and redemptions. Here parameters for monetary policy are configured. Such parameters are for instance the BCV and the max individual payout.


The reserve will not require the return of Flama net when depositing profits, which will cause an imbalance. The rebase sICE is to correct the imbalance between the outstanding deposits of ICE and sICE. This rebase allows the outstanding return of sICE to ensure that sICE is equal to a ICE. According to the reward rate of return tells you the annualized rate of return. It takes into account the effect of compound interest, because sICE rebases exponentially.


The bond price is determined by the value of the SLP and the number of outstanding bonds. The agreement considers ICE and MIM to be equal, because the agreement measures ICE by its intrinsic value. This means that we only need to care about the sum of the assets in the pool, not their value. According to the constant product formula x y = k, the risk-free value is the minimum value of x + y. This happens to be when x = y. Flama net can use the square root of x and y to determine this.


If the last market price is greater than Flama net, the sales contract will execute the order at the last market price minus the discount controlled by DAO, thereby providing arbitrage to encourage liquidity. Premium is derived from the system’s debt ratio and ratio variables. This scaling variable allows to control the rate of increase in bond prices.

Premium determines the income of the agreement, which in turn determines the rights and interests of the pledger. The LP collected at the premium is used to forge a new ICE and distribute it to the pledgers and DAOs. The Reserve Bank uses this equation to fund the MIM sales contract. DCV is a scaling variable controlled by DAO, allowing us to adjust for deflation.