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What Is Fishy Tank Token (FTE)? Complete Guide Review About Fishy Tank Token.

What Is Fishy Tank Token (FTE)?

Fishy Tank Token is a completely ecosystem, they simulate all ocean life activities in this Play-To-Earn game on NFT technology. Every life activity in game is following nature rules and totally under control of Players. About 400 billions unique fishes are waiting for players in Fishy Tank ecosystem. Each fish is an unique NFT item, so you could not find any duplicate Fish.

Fishy-Tank is an ecosystem, they bring all life activities in ocean to your Tank. Hence, surely, your female fish is also able to deliver baby-fishes like real ones. Let’s Earn more and make your Tank plentiful by BREEDING activity. And If you are luckier, you will have the chance to get special accessories while discovering the ocean. Thousands of accessories and challenges are waiting for you, let’s DISCOVER together.

Fishy Tank Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameFishy Tank Token
Short NameFTE
Circulating Supply4,255,000.00 FTE
Total Supply10,000,000
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In Fishy Tank, you will never play alone. Fishy Tank is a community where players can support each other through activities. Players can trade their items in Open Freedom Martket Place. Fishy Tank Token will bring more and more activities and event to connect all players in the World. In the future, new things will come by voting from Players. This always LISTEN TO all of you – Fishy Tank citizens, and make this Fishy Tank society more exciting.

Why Play to Earn ?

How much you take care and feed them will decide how fast they grow up. After a period of feeding, you can claim your rewards and TAKE back FEG tokens. The number of reward is basing on the level and rairty of your fish. So, do take care of your Fish more frequently to win the more rewards. Moreover, you also are able to upgrade your fish by letting them discover new Oceans. After each discovery, your fish will get more experience and maybe some accessories if lucky.

Especially, you can Earn More when your fish give a birth. Fishy Tank Token male fish can pair with a female fish, then “she” will get pregnant. During 3-day of pregnency, don’t forget to feed “her” with special meals and then, “she” can deliver a new good baby fish. Your Tank will have an additional member and you Earn More tokens.

Feeding For Winning Rewards

Never let you fishes alone, keep them feeding more often to win rewards. This is main activity to make your fish grow up quickly and win as many rewards as possible then. Depending on the feeding package you choose, you will get number of reward corresponding. The food will cost some FEGs, these foods will keep fetus growing up. Do remember to feed your pregnant fish to get baby-fish on time. If you miss any feeding day, the baby-fish delivery will be delay.

Fishy Tank Token want to make your fishes more powerful ? Let them discover new Oceans. By dicovering new oceans, your fishes will be trained new skills and become stronger. They will get more experience and jump up higher levels. And If you are luckier, you will have the chance to get special accessories while discovering the ocean.


Fishy Tank provides the Fusion feature that allows you to combine 2 fishes into 1 Super Fish. To use this feature, your fishes’ level must be >= 5, and their Rarity must be equal. The successful ratio of this feature is 50%. Fishy Tank Token you have 2 fishes and a little bit luck, you might get the Super Fish. In case you are unlucky, you will lose 1 of 2 fishes. You can choose to keep your favorite Fishy with Lock Feature. The Rarity of Super Fish will be up 1 level.


That mean you found a goldmine. Fishy Tank Token you can earn much more 50% than above base information (ratio of female baby fish is 50%). Remember, the profit is calculated based on Private Sale Price. That mean you can earn much more with FTE real market price. More than 400 billions unique Fishes are delivered based on special characteristics. Each fish is an unique NFT item, so you could not find any duplicate Fish. Let’s unpack your fish on Marketplace and become first owners of 5000 Pre-sale Packs.

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