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What Is Finance.Vote (FVT) Coin Review ?Complete Guide Review About Finance.Vote

What Is Finance.Vote (FVT) Coin Review ?

Finance.Vote network leads with a quadratic voting based prediction market system we call “vote markets The system is designed as a crypto economic game that marries governance with the markets. It is designed to aggregate collective intelligence from a distributed group of pseudo-anonymous crypto users who have their finger on the pulse of the crypto market. Quadratic voting is used to generate a consensus in a perceived future market order.

Finance.Vote This is done by presenting each user with a token list that is by default ordered by the market. Users then spend a budget of vote power to create a new order, based on their perception of token quality and future potential market performance.

Finance.Vote The resultant aggregation of user ordered token lists creates a distribution of perceived market order in the form of a consensus list. At this point in the future, users are rewarded with a proportional share of a network generated reward pool depending on the proportionality of their correctness. This simple mechanic becomes exponentially more powerful as new and diverse markets are added and as the power of the rules of the game is transitioned to token holders.

Finance.Vote (FVT) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameFinance.Vote
Short NameFVT
Circulating SupplyN/A
Max Supply999,988,705
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Finance.Vote Crypto is the Wild West. It is the most innovative technological space that has ever existed, but permission lessness comes at a cost. New tokens flood the market by the minute and it is becoming increasingly difficult to separate innovation from low quality products or vapourware Liquidity is king, but price discovery of new assets and NFTs remains a huge problem despite the emergence of automated market makers (AMMs). Power comes in the numbers, but decentralization leads to fragmented governance with power weighted towards very few token holders.

3 Core Design Pillars

Market Discovery and Price Prediction

Finance.Vote Using the quadratic voting based, rolling consensus system, users are incentivized to make market predictions in a series of tournaments focused on baskets of assets from across the crypto space. It is designed to facilitate the generation of market alpha and the discovery of up and coming tokens from the most viable projects.

Second Layer Governance

Finance.Vote Using quadratic and snapshot voting, introduces a suite of governance tools that can provide a voice to minority token holders on any network. The second layer governance tools create a route from rough consensus and dialogue to high-stakes on-chain governance decisions. miniDAOs, AMA tech, social curation tools, quadratic voting tech, gassless voting

Decentralized Social Trading

Finance.Vote social trading system provides groups of any size with the ability to share market information, pool assets and make collectivized trading decisions. Collaborative trading, liquidity mining games, decentralized copy trading

The dApp Suite

Finance.Vote These dApps will be the toolset for the DAOs of the future. They are designed to facilitate social consensus formation across a range of use cases, from price discovery and monetary policy formation to content curation and governance. 

These applications will form the foundation of a decentralized decision making and will upgrade the governance capabilities of the whole DeFi space as a whole. Together they form a modular DAO architecture that projects will be able to integrate to their needs and modify in collaboration with the token holders.


Finance.Vote vote markets will not stay as merely as a collective intelligence and consensus tool. More effective price discovery will arise from those with skin in the game. For those users who wish to increase their exposure to these market bets, a staking system will be released that will allow users to stake $FVT on the market prediction outcomes. Architecturally, the staking system will be a different layer from the voting system reward pool.

The Launch Team