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Fastdomain Web Hosting Review: Professional Web Hosting.

About Fastdomain

Fastdomain has been providing hosting solutions to thousands of businesses and personal websites since 2005. Your internet hosting packages help businesses and individuals get high-powered service at a fraction of the cost. Domain is here to secure your business. They are confident can provide you with the highest level of support with your friendly and patient support staff waiting to address your needs. Your veteran hosting team knows what it takes to be the best and how they can help make your site a success.

Fastdomain is a bridge service that supports token conversion between mainnets and supports 15 blockchains and 58 tokens. One of the core keywords in the current crypto market is cross-chain. While there are currently at least 100 active public chains, the number of bridges that connect these ecosystems is only about 50. Many of them only support 1 to 3 public chains. The fragmented blockchain ecosystem inevitably faces limits to growth in all aspects, including market capitalization, users (including token holders), and the number of Dapps. Bridges that help users access platforms and interoperate between protocols will be the only key to solving this problem.

Some Quick Facts Fastdomain Web Hosting

FastdomainBasic Details
Hosting NameFastdomain
Call Support888-210-3278
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


You’ll get $65 for each qualified sign up/referral. And our Affiliate Support Team will be happy to help provide any guidance or tips needed to help you grow. To change the Token Name and Symbol, anyone can make the first change as Public, and from the second change, it can be changed with the authority of the Token Contract Owner. Each has its pros and cons. Using public node easy, but have potential stability, security risk. Running your own nodes is complex and expensive, but If you have a good understanding of the chain, can be obtain more secure, stability.

Governance groups

The Fastdomain system has Governance groups comprised of the roles Operator and Validator. Bridging protocols either use a MPC-based transaction consensus method or a Multi-sig based transaction consensus method. Bridge uses Multi-sig based transaction consensus. Through this, the Operator, who sends data, and the Validator work together to efficiently and quickly process transactions. Additionally, as the consensus and validation processes happen through transactions on Chain, they are transparent and trustless. The validators use a separate private channel and a blockchain without central authority to complete their tasks.

The conversion of all tokens takes place through governance consensus amongst the designated validators of each chain. The world’s leading blockchain infrastructure companies such as Everstake, DSRV, GBV, and Cosmostation have participated in Bridge as validators. Due to the nature of the Ethereum chain, in the case when there is a large number of transactions to be processed, the transaction may not go through or be subjected to a long delay. Please check this link for more details.

Bridging Transactions

One bridge enables the movement of assets between two different blockchains through Locking/Vault, Release/Vault, Minting, and Burning contracts that exist on each blockchain. For example, suppose you send an Ethereum asset, ‘ABC’, to the Klaytn network. The ‘ABC’ asset is first sent to Ethereum’s Locking contract and as soon as verification is complete, it is then passed to the Minting contract of the Klaytn Blockchain.

Afterwards, a new ‘ABC’ token is issued in Klaytn, corresponding to the assets locked to Ethereum, by a set of validators verifying the Minting contract. Please note that Terra does not have a token Minting function, so you can more your assets to a heterogenous chain, but you cannot receive assets from other chains. Fastdomain are planning future support dependent on Terra’s smart contract module support. The transactions of Bride have some additional processes within the basic Standard process depending on which From and To chain.

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