What Is FaraLand (FARA)?

What Is FaraLand (FARA)? Complete Guide Review About FaraLand.

What Is FaraLand (FARA)?

Explore the FaraLand world and the races living in the continent to find a way to seal Demon Lord Beelzebul. In that journey, players must collect heroes from many different races to overcome tough challenges. Each choice the player makes during a quest can alter the story line and expose your heroes to mysteries and hidden treasures. Paladins take on the position of a Tanker with a defensive and supporting skill set. Paladins will be a reliable shield for other allies. Typical equipment for the Paladin role is the shield, which will maximize the hero’s defense.

These quarters are meant to prepare users in their navigation inside worlds of Sensorium Galaxy. For VR and Desktop users, it’s an opportunity to learn the basics of moving in a virtual space and interacting with the environment, as well as to prepare avatar customization. This uniquely personalized virtual space is connected to the Star ship’s main deck, which users can access upon choosing all settings.

FaraLand Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameFaraLand
Short NameFARA
Circulating Supply24,375,384.76 FARA
Total Supply99,932,669
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They are heroes who are the owners of the land world, each race has its own unique power and different career systems. They must team up to fight against the Demon Lord FaraLand. There are only 20,000 heroes, so ones with rare races and good qualities possess unparalleled power. They are heroes from another dimension trapped in land. Unlike the NFT Heroes, their life expectancy is finite. They must consume the “Soul Stones” to stay alive, none of them can live long, because they cannot adapt to the environment in this dimension.

Metaverse XR landscape

FaraLand Galaxy users can interact with the metaverse regardless of their preferred platform. From mobile phones to desktops to game consoles, your mixed reality metaverse is accessible across all types of devices and delivers different degrees of impressiveness accordingly. The initial stage of contact with Sensorium Galaxy sees users going through a one-time setup process, including registration and a video introduction to the metaverse, after which they choose desired settings (language, graphics, avatar, and more). VR users will also go through a calibration process to optimize overall environment settings.

Mobile App

Traditional media or social platforms draw a line between real and digital. FaraLand Galaxy removes that distinction by enabling constant interactions with the metaverse. And that is achieved through the Sensorium App. This mobile application brings together the latest innovations in the AI and AR spaces to unlock the creativity of Sensorium users. With this app, Sensorium participants can generate and customize virtual characters that inhabit the vast alternate universe.

FaraLand Avatars are not only customizable from a visual perspective but also an AI angle. Their personalities can be designed from scratch through Dynamic Character Formation — a proprietary feature implemented in the form of a Pyramid of Consciousness.

Intergalactic Lounge

The Star ship is the starting point and the central hub of Sensorium Galaxy that allows users to move seamlessly between the worlds within the metaverse. This virtual platform presupposes the existence of a FaraLand passenger fleet as well as a structure to include a main deck, cabins and adjacent sections such as arts, exhibitions and workshop sections. The Star ship is an integral part of FaraLand Galaxy. It marks the last frontier before entering the metaverse and prepares users for this hyper sensory dive in a space permeated by earthly and space themes equally intertwined.