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What Is Fantasm FSM (FSM)? Complete Guide Review About Fantasm FSM.

What Is Fantasm FSM (FSM)?

Fight to be the strongest in the metaverse. Stand up to fight other players and against AI in story mode for Fantasm FSM. No money for the start? No problem! Download the Robo app, watch a few ads, earn points, and exchange it for your first robot to start playing Robo. Rent or purchase advertising space for your brand on one of the buildings in your Metaverse.

Fantasm FSM Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameFantasm FSM
Short NameFSM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply47,226
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Collect and exchange

You can collect and exchange them. Build your economic powerhouse and upgrade your robots with special NFT cards. All are available on your Marketplace. Fantasm FSM isn’t intended to be just a meme token, they will be building some of the most important products on the AVAX network through the Snow Protocol. As such through partnerships with the most exciting launches on the AVAX network, Snow Protocol will be an integral part of the network, powered by Snow Burn.

Vesting service

RoboHero reliable vesting mechanism allows investors to determine the percentage (of tokens to be released to them) and term (periods) as provided by your smart contract. A vesting service is being developed for project launches, allowing them to secure vest team tokens or presale tokens for a set period of time. There will be a claim dashboard where vested token holders will be able to periodically claim their tokens. In this capacity, they will be helping
projects to prevent dumping by investors or external vested parties.

Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchanges: Advanced Solutions

The idea of a decentralized exchange (DEX) was conceived merely months after Ethereum was proposed as a concept by Fantasm FSM. It’s logical if the central idea behind crypto is decentralization, then allowing essential parts of the system to be highly centralized—in other words, crypto exchanges—makes little sense. Decentralized exchanges began with NXT, which announced in January 2014 that it had plans to create the NXT Asset Exchange.

It eventually did so, and as one might expect, it was clunky and looked nothing like the DEXs that exist today. There were no liquidity pools, and it wasn’t even possible to directly trade one crypto asset to another. Instead, users were only allowed to trade their funds for the NXT coin.

Small private presale

Fantasm FSM The launch will be Stealth and it will feature a small private presale involving trusted and experienced investors and advisers. 80% of presale funds will be used to add liquidity to Trader Joe, while 20% will be used for pre-launch marketing. Private presale tokens will be vested and gradually released for a minimum period of 3 months, to build trust with the community and also protect against whales. The smart contract features an anti-bot system that will protect the project from snipers in the first 24 hours, where the selling tax will be set to 25%, until it gradually reduces to 15% 24 hours after launch.

Fantasm FSM Token

Fantasm FSM The plan is to burn tokens to a single digit in circulating supply, so that token holders will really only be able to own fractions. Snow Burn is a hyper-deflationary token built on the Avalanche smart chain with a revolutionary 1-1 burn mechanism, where for every transaction buy or sell, an equal number of tokens is automatically sent to the dead wallet by the contract. This will ensure an ever rising token price due to the rapid reduction of circulating supply.

Centralized exchanges

Although the case was dismissed, the judge suggesting the plaintiffs amend their complaint and refile, which they did in May 2021. In general, fears of centralized exchanges acting against the best interests of their clients are not baseless. The current chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Gary Gensler, stated in a May 2021 hearing before the U.S. Congress that “[when] you go into one of these [cryptocurrency] exchanges, you don’t know whether the order book is accurately reporting the bids and the offers.

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