What Is FaniTrade (FANI)? Complete Guide Review About FaniTrade.

What Is FaniTrade (FANI)?

What Is FaniTrade (FANI)?

Swap, trade, play, earn, profit and share on solana’s fastest growing decentralized ecosystem. FaniTrade simple, yet powerful applications offers fan’s of DeFi the most complete, and advanced chain of DeFi products that you will love. All of your protocols are build on Solana, the worlds fastest, most powerful and Gas efficient blockchain technology making FaniTrade an obvious choice. Engage, create and shareyour deFi trades with your fans which, they can copy at a click of a button. Play-to-earn crypto and NFTs with FaniPlay, the next generation in terms of GameFi technology.

FaniTrade Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameFaniTrade
Short NameFANI
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Total SupplyN/A
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Solana network

Swap your favorite crypto with the most intuitive platform on the Solana network. Get the most of every trade as we offer the lowest Gas and transaction fee on the DeFi space. FaniTrade makes it a simple task to limit swap orders. Easy amount slider, order history log and expandable charts are the little details that make FaniSwap a better experience. Faniswap uses the Solana eco-system, which translates to some of the lowest transaction/gas fees you will find anywhere. A decentralized finance (DeFi) lending and borrowing platform with fixed APY built on Solana.

Solana Blockchain

Solana is widely expected to establish the new crypto standard for DEX platforms. Investors view the Solana blockchain as a platform that enables lightning-fast transactions on the blockchain at a low cost. Solana is the blockchain technology of the future making FaniTrade scallable for many years to come. FaniSwap’s Automatic Market Maker provides aggregated on-chain liquidity assuring your traders access to all Solana’s coin, at the best price on all the network.

The Fastest Blockchain

Solana possesses a blazing speed of 50,000 transactions per second, which is gigantic compared to other blockchain systems. It creates a block every 400 milliseconds. The higher block time and block size are why the Solana network offers a meagre transaction fee of just $0.00025 per transaction making Solana the cheapest Blockchain.

FaniTrade Eco-system consists of a suite of DeFi applications that offer the easiest and most cost-effective way to swap, trade and earn within Solana’s fastest-growing decentralized environment. Combining the best features, you expect from a centralized market without compromising usability is perfect for both experienced and beginner crypto users.

Experience Fanipass

The FaniTrade is packed with tons of utilities, rewards and discounts that can be used all around the Trade eco-system. While FaniPass generates holders revenue, it also gains in value as the Trade releases new Dapps throughout 3 phases and roadmap. 1000 FaniPass is currently available for minting at a price of 5 SOL. Solana uses Proof of Stake (PoS) and Proof of History (PoH) algorithms, which are 99.9% more energy-efficient than PoW. Solana is simply better for the environment which makes it a much more appealing alternative to its users and environmental groups.

Beginner traders

Options can be very appealing for beginner traders due to their simplicity and risk management properties. Traders create a contract predicting if the price will be higher or lower in a predefined timeframe. If correct, traders will gain 75% profit on the chosen contract amount. Try your luck out and win FANIs with FaniLotto games, a decentralized community pooled lottery. Offering your community of developers open-source access to our code, API and other resources. FANI is your native utility token used within the whole FaniTrade eco-system providing a wide range of benefits for Hodlers.

Centralized functionality

FaniDEX is the most advanced DeFi trading platform on the market. While combining on-chain analytics with execution capabilities, FaniTrade brings centralized functionality to a decentralized market. DexSpy gives you an overview of assets liquidity, volume, community and background, combined with an advanced trading terminal. Trade is a complete, suite of decentralized applications built on the Solana blockchain. Your protocols serve as a permission-less, low-cost, and scalable ecosystem that democratizes traditional exchanges.