What Is Falconofficial? (FNT) Complete Guide Review About Falconofficial.

What Is Falconofficial? (FNT) Complete Guide Review About Falconofficial.

What Is Falconofficial?

The Falconofficial Project is an entire ecosystem that runs on two blockchains at the same time and includes three interchangeable chains. The second chain is the ERC-1155 token (Voucher), a guaranteed profit will be credited for holding the voucher. The third chain is the coin (FNC), which optionally allows performing of anonymous transactions. Binding these elements, the Falcon Project offers its users the right to choose what suits them best at the moment: speed and convenience, storage and profit, or anonymity and privacy. The first chain is the ERC-20 token (FNT), which is convenient and familiar to all of us, both users and developers.

Falconofficial Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameFalconofficial
Short NameFNT
Circulating Supply3.95B FNT
Total Supply99,360,000,000
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Earn Money In Convenient Way

Using Graphic ERC-1155 Vouchers.

Falconofficial Coin get up to 40% per annum in FNT tokens with the help of a limited issue DeFi voucher and proof of Hold passive staking technology. Choose a voucher of the denomination that suits you: with 500,000, 1,000,000, 2,000,000, 5,000,000, 10,000,000 or 50,000,000 FNT tokens inside.

With The ERC-20 FNT Token.

Become a liquidity provider in FNT/ETH pools and get your share of the weekly reward in FNT tokens by making your tokens work and earn through Falcon DeFi.

With The Private FNC Coin.

Participate in joint Stake pools for POS mining of FNC coins or make your wallet support the FNC network directly from your personal computer, and get additional coins for it.

Unique DEFI Ecosystem

The Falconofficial decentralized financial project Falcon – an innovation in the world of revolutionary solutions. Based on the principle of “the simpler the better”, they combined the simplicity, speed and convenience of an Ethereum-based token with the privacy of an anonymous blockchain through a 1-to-1 permanent swap form, where the value and liquidity of an anonymous coin are determined by the token.

  • Optional private blockchain FNC with a unique cost determination system
  • Clean and transparent ERC-20 FNT token for everyday use

They Solved The Problem Of Liquidity Anonymous Coin In The Reality Of Strict Regulation And Prohibition

Using advanced anonymous blockchain technologies based on the Particle and Ghost code, they launched a truly private, fast and easy-to-use anonymous FNC coin, which, in addition to all these basic advantages, has a unique way to use and determine the value. Forget about the lack of liquidity and fears of account blocking.

FNT token

The Falconofficial Coin ERC-20 FNT token was created on the basis of the smart contract of the Binance platform token (BNB), since the latter has proven itself as a reliable, secure and time-tested token that has passed many audits. In addition, the FNT smart contract has implemented the functions of freezing and burning tokens, which can be used in the future.


Working with an anonymous coin for several years, they have experienced all the difficulties and problems that arise with such coins. Listings on many exchanges are simply not available for such projects. If they ultimately managed to reach an agreement with somebody, this led to a large cost of integration. In addition, the lack of mobile, hardware and multi-wallets made inconveniences for users. On the other hand, in today’s world, people should still have the right to privacy and use coins with hidden transactions and addresses. So they came up with the idea to use two blockchains at the same time. This approach allows you to take advantages of each of them.