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What Is EzyStayz(EZY)Review ? Complete Guide Review About EzyStayz

What Is EzyStayz(EZY)Review ?

EzyStayz is a trusted community marketplace where people can list, discover and book unique accommodation properties across the globe. We’re opening up the travel market to each and every individual — either online or from your mobile phone. Whether you’re looking for an apartment for the night, a house for a week or a villa for a month, EzyStayz connects people to unique travel experiences in more than 34,000 cities and 190 countries worldwide. As a host, you select the price point and rental conditions that suit you and we’ll showcase it to an audience of millions. With an expert customer service team and growing community of users, EzyStayz is the easiest way to monetise your space and share it with the world.

EZY coin is the native cryptocurrency (ERC-20 token) of the EzyStayz platform. This token is the key to unlocking all of the great potential benefits that blockchain can provide travelers with, including member’s benefits and staking rewards. But EZY coin has other use cases as well – use cases that competitors can’t beat.

EzyStayz(EZY) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin Name EzyStayz
Short Name(EZY)
Circulating SupplyN/A
Max Supply5,600,000,000
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EZY benefits

EzyStayz coin gives you the power to earn, book and play for more.

Use EZY for Bookings

EzyStayz Use your EZY token to book hotels and properties on the EzyStayz platform. Everytime you book, you’ll earn rewards towards your next booking.

Membership bonuses

EzyStayz Booking for trips gets you more tokens, which then leads to greater rewards as you join the ranks of our valued membership levels.

Earn more when you HOLD

EzyStayz Choose to stake your tokens with us, earning a regular dividend. The higher your membership level, the greater your dividend yield.

Gaming with EZY

EzyStayz In an industry first, has integrated a gaming platform within its blockchain. Use EZY to play games like blackjack and video poker.

Stake Your EZY Tokens to Earn More

EzyStayz secure staking service allows you to stake EZY and earn a dividend. In this way, members gain additional rewards on top of existing membership discounts and cashback bonuses.

Acquire EZY

EzyStayz You can acquire EZY token through travel bookings directly with or buy them directly th rough either the ProBit or Foblgate exchange platform.

Store EZY

EzyStayz tokens can easily be stored with our secure multi-currency web-based wallet. Creating a new wallet is easy and can be done in a matter of seconds.wallet comes with a variety of helpful features for security and convenience, including

  •  Multi-signature tech
  •  Cold storage backup
  •  Direct crypto payments
  •  Instant confirmation

Buy, Sell and Trade EZY

You can acquire and exchange EZY tokens on the following exchanges, with more on the way.

  •  ProBit (USDT and BTC pairs)
  •  FOBLGATE (KRW pair)

How do Friend Referrals and Travel Credits work?

EzyStayz When you refer friends to , you are eligible to earn travel credits to use towards your next trip when you opt to stay with . After referring a friend to , the first reservation they make to stay at an listing will see you receive A$25 in travel credits. Then if they decide to sign up as a host, the first time they rent their space you will earn an additional A$75 in travel credits.

EzyStayz The travel credits will be automatically added as a coupon to your checkout page the next time you make a booking, provided the booking qualifies and has a total value of A$100 or more (excluding guest fees and taxes). They must be used within one year of issue date, after which they will expire. Travel credits cannot be applied to a trip that has already been paid for and will be forfeited if you cancel a reservation after applying the travel credits.