What Is Exor (EXOR)?

What Is Exor (EXOR)? Complete Guide Review About Exor.

What Is Exor (EXOR)?

Exor is an open source, decentralized blockchain-based cryptocurrency using the PoS consensus mechanism. Earn, store, and transact digital currency virtually instantaneously with Exors simple to use desktop wallet.With a low supply, community governance, an open identity team and real-world use cases, Exor aims to increase global adoption of the cryptocurrency space within conventional business with secure and instant digital payments. Exor is also the only accepted currency to provide premium access to the Crypto Asset Manager platform, an industry first.

Exor Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameExor
Short NameEXOR
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total SupplyN/A
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Staking and Master nodes

The network is secured using both PoS staking nodes and master nodes. Each master node requires 50,000 Exor as collateral, and provides a lucrative yet sustainable reward structure that will last for a decade. Master node holders will also be rewarded with premium access to the Crypto Asset Manager platform free of charge.

What Is The Crypto Asset Manager?

A unique desktop app solution that can only be described as the swiz-army knife of crypto tools. The Crypto Asset Manager aims to include any and all features that can enhance a person’s crypto experience. There’s something for everyone here, and we welcome all investors, traders, holders, developers and casual crypto-goers to experience what Exor has to offer.The software is currently in beta status, which will remain in effect until the internal framework is more complete.

However, the system is already very stable, and every effort has been made to ensure these releases are as bug-free and usable as possible.Please note that the software currently supports the Windows operating system only. Cross-platform support for MacOS and Linux is planned for the near future.

Main Features

  • View your entire portfolio in virtually any fiat or cryptocurrency
  • Receive price updates from coin listing sites such as coin market cap or coin gecko, dynamic prices from your holdings on exchanges and even dynamic balance and transaction updates from locally running wallets that are constantly changing because of mining/staking/master nodes/airdrops/etc
  • Price alerts when coin values reach certain highs or lows
  • Track multiple portfolios using separate profiles
  • Movable ticker widgets for individual crypto assets on your desktop screen
  • Monitor and communicate with local and remote wallets to receive updates regarding new transactions, error statuses and even the ability to restart and fix many basic wallet issues automatically
  • Calculator and conversion tools between any crypto asset or fiat currency for making quick decisions while live trading
  • Automatic backup solution for all local wallets with optional encryption and cloud storage options
  • Track transactions across all blockchains and print out a tax report valid for any country
  • Automated trading bots that buy and sell cryptocurrencies automatically based on rules that you set

Additional Benefits for EXOR Master node holders

  • Periodically receive 80% of the block reward from the EXOR blockchain
  • Download all premium plugins from the Crypto Asset Manager for free
  • Download current beta release of the Crypto Asset Manager
  • Invitation to join your VIP chat group for priority support and information on upcoming developments and events
  • Future benefits include a profit-sharing program where master node holders will receive dividends from the monthly Crypto Asset Manager revenue

Current Development

Premium plugin payment integration enable linking to an Exor wallet address anonymously from within the crypto asset manager software for payment verification and direct download of premium plugins. connect to local running wallets and receive alerts on new transactions, error messages and other problem situations. Gui redesign restructure the layout and design of the crypto asset manager software to implement a more modern look and feel.

Cross-platform support

Allow the crypto asset manager software to be used on any desktop computer operating system, including Windows, MacOS and Linux. Exor Price notification plugin receive alerts when coin values reach certain highs or lows. keep tabs on where any given crypto asset was bought and sold, and track the value throughout the whole process. Tax helper plugin generate tax reports on your crypto investments valid for any country.