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What Is EverFight (EF)? Complete Guide Review About EverFight.

What Is EverFight (EF)?

Video gaming is the most lucrative sector in the entertainment industry. This sector is estimated to be worth over $100 billion per year. Between 2016 and 2020 the compound annual growth rate was estimated to be 6.2%. EverFight targets approximately 80% of the global gamers who use both mobile phones and computers. The games market will continue to grow in the following years, exceeding $200 billion at the end of 2023. By then, they forecast the games market to grow with a +8.3% CAGR to $200.8 billion.

EverFight Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameEverFight
Short NameEF
Circulating Supply12.26B EF
Total Supply31,856,295,621
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Generally, there is a growing demand for efficient virtual gaming platforms, where virtual assets are beneficial in terms of the status of the gamer and progression through the games. Also, a gamer’s effort should be rewarded with virtual assets apart from enjoyment. Secondly, due to the growing value of the virtual asset, it will be critical to ensure fair game play. This is an issue that is yet to be addressed in the virtual gaming world.


EverFight is a turn-based strategy game where anyone can earn $AM/BNB tokens through game play. Users can battle other players using well-known figures in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Using the $AM currency players can buy new NFT characters, change their skins or enhance their fighting abilities.


EverFight games ($EF) Token Function

$EF is the native EverFight token. It is a hyper-deflationary crypto-asset; meaning even as demand will increases, the supply of the tokens will decrease. $EF uses include entry fee settlement, holding for benefits, and running the Fight games ecosystem. It is the currency used in the Fight games. Players can win $AM tokens by playing the game, use it to buy new NFT characters, upgrade their characters and game profile.

Used in player versus player games as currency. Just by holding you can participate in risk-free games to win BNB or tokens of the projects they have partnered with. $EF tokens are required to start playing any Fight games.

Full Decentralization Absolute Fairness

EverFight games achieves fairness by offering a fully decentralized mini game wrapped in the cryptocurrency theme. Fight games allows the gamer to use cryptocurrencies to play online mini games versus other players. Players join accumulated crypto pools called ‘rooms’ by paying the entry fee. The winners are decided by the usage of the randomization script used by a smart contract which is governed by a master smart contract that initiates and manages game functions. Cryptic Games eliminates biases while ensuring fair game play.

Randomized games Rewards

This process happens automatically through the smart contract. The holder game receives 2% of the pool value for each game played(BNB tokens) and 1% of every sale of $AM or $EF tokens (BNB tokens); a process that is enabled by a smart contract. The pool (rewards) is divided among the winners. The amount each player(winner) receives depends on the entry fee amount they have paid. A player is rewarded with a percentage of the total entry fees in the current pot.

This game requires no entry fee. It is specifically created for EverFight holders. Investors holding a specified amount of $EF tokens can take part in a game that takes place every three days. The earnings of BNB from this game depend on the amount of EF tokens you hold. EverFight employs an anti-auto trading bot. The token smart contract is built in a way that blocks any bot’s trading activity by providing a trading delay function.

Buyback pool bot

Buyback pool bot ‘Satoshi stacker’ receives 3% of the pool value for each game played on EverFight platform as well as 5% from every sale of $EF or $AM tokens. The bot automatically buys $EF tokens from the exchange when the algorithm requirements are met. These tokens are burnt. The game tax will be different for each token. If you play with $EF or $AM tokens they will be burnt.

If you play with BNB the tax will go into the Holder Game and into the ‘Satoshi stacker’ Buyback bot. The EverFight project is focused on providing an entirely selfsustaining virtual gaming platform. The structure adds up to a consistent, economic, and fair system that would encourage gamers to participate.

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