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Eveo Web Hosting Review: For every need, the best cloud solution.

About Eveo

Robust equipment, developed specifically for data centers, by the most reliable companies in the sector. Links from the largest national and international operators, with extensive national coverage with multiple approaches, for the most expressive and challenging demands. Proactive, high-sensitivity monitoring, security and management software. All this under the control of an experienced and certified team of professionals. For large companies, Eveo designed a dedicated environment, using the renowned Microsoft Exchange, integrated with your Active Directory. As an economical alternative, they have a solution based on SmarterMail, which meets the main needs with excellence.

Eveo has worked to surpass the ever-present scalability and connectivity constraints that have limited traditional public chains. Your improvements and innovations grow user accessibility and convenience so blockchain-based protocols and services can have more real-life integration. IBC, which forms the basis of the Chain, is the world’s first open Hub Chain. It allows various chains to be linked to Chain and their digital assets can be handled and used freely within Orbit.

Some Quick Facts Eveo Web Hosting

EveoBasic Details
Hosting NameEveo
Price$5.67/ per month
Email SupportN/A
Call SupportN/A
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Eveo Price


Eveo mission is to offer the most innovative data center solutions, with all the necessary close and high level support, bringing great added value to your customers. Currently, there is no Minter Contract system in XRP Chain, so you can move your xrp to a heterogeneous chain, but you cannot receive assets from other chains. As XRP’s smart contracts change in the future, XRP minting will accordingly be implemented in the Bridge system.


To be the leading national player offering innovative data center solutions, recognized for its operational and organizational excellence and proximity to the customer. Always looking for lasting partnerships, EVEO is proud to be a reference in quality in the data center sector. Created by experienced and renowned entrepreneurs in the sector, the company focuses on customer relationships, thus attracting the most demanding customers.

B2B professional communication

E-mail is the main corporate communication tool in the world. Businesses are carried out, after-sales service, invoices are sent, meetings are scheduled. There are many examples where e-mail is necessary, regardless of the size of the company. Although there is a lot of free service offering with basic functions, as it is a fundamental tool in practically every department of a successful company, the investment in a more advanced corporate product, with functions such as daily backup, administrator access control, is essential. Eveo has the ideal product for companies looking for this type of solution, taking into account the cost and the necessary functions.

While many interchain platforms aim to support major public chains (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Klaytn, Terra, Tron, ICON, etc.), Chain is the world’s first and only chain to actually be able to support the operation of these various protocols. Some key examples are DEX protocol, which supports asset exchange, the Divine protocol, which enables lending and borrowing using assets in the chain, and the Staking-as-a-Service protocol, which allows staking to heterogenous chains through the Orbit. Chain having developed its own technology and services, currently hosts more than $30M USD of assets on its network.


Eveo is an interchain communication protocol that allows communication between heterogeneous blockchains. Before, with Orbit Pegging IBC, assets were integrated and used within Chain through communication between blockchains, including Chain. Bridge IBC allows different blockchains to communicate with each other using Chain. It was built using a Multi-signature BFT consensus to establish a decentralized, trustless consensus process. Through this, users can utilize the various assets of various chains in all dApps through simple transactions on each chain.

Eveo developed its own Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) technology with the aim of connecting the blockchain ecosystem. Since launching, Chain has established a new ecosystem where assets of different chains can be used on a single decentralized platform. In other words, Chain has thus far focused on being a hub for heterogeneous chains– enabling a token economy with interoperability and scalability as heterogeneous assets enter Chain.

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