What Is Evedo? (EVED) Complete Guide Review About Evedo.

What Is Evedo? (EVED) Complete Guide Review About Evedo.

What Is Evedo?

Evedo is a blockchain based platform, consisting of B2B & B2C Marketplaces. It unifies all businesses and participants involved in organizing events. The aim is to build a marketplace and a true ecosystem that will help the $850+ Billion event industry grow by connecting all parties without unnecessary middlemen. Main players in the B2C Marketplace would be Organizers, Promoters and Attendees. The main functions will be to Buy/Sell tickets and market events to new or existing audiences

Evedo Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameEvedo
Short NameEVED
Circulating Supply14,441,339.18 EVED
Total Supply17,756,590
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Event Organizer

Evedo Coin event Organizers can create their profile and start organizing events, booking entertainers & venues, renting equipment and promoting their events.

Influencers that support us

EVEDO will be working closely with some of the major names in the music and event industry. They will empower the platform and help us build it through trust, passion and connectivity

Venue Owners

Venue Owners can create a profile that provides information about their venue/s that are available for booking. The information provided will include the capacity, a base price or minimum price based on per person attendance, photos etc..

Entertainers & Managers

Evedo entertainers & Booking Managers can create a profile listing their services, attach links to their works and social media, and can post an hourly rate, flat rate, or a percentage with a soft cap (optionally a hard cap, as well).


Blockchain is the fundamental technology underlying our platform and business model. It eliminates  the middleman and the need for trust between parties that organize or take part in events. That’s because it makes the whole process transparent, decentralized and secure. Blockchain has already revolutionized a ton of different areas worldwide. Now is the time for us to give the entertainment industry the innovative tools they need.


Evedo Coin A major role in the application’s value is the transparency provided by the blockchain. All partners can see their investments in real time, have access to impartial third-party deliberation when there is a dispute, and can direct payments directly into their digital wallets. Larger venues can benefit from access to a complete ledger of their event’s supply chain in real-time and year-to-year.


The main processes they focus on are: event organizing(with all the business relationships included) and the sale of tickets. Both involve numerous transactions and long ‘lockup periods’. These transactions are facilitated by the smart contracts and the “escrow” functionality. The longer the payments are locked in the smart contracts – the more EVED token benefits.


Lack Of Capital For An Event

Evedo we’ll offer a “Crowd Funding” Smart Contract Functionality that allows for an event to be tested or “Crowd Funded” with the help of Partners & Attendees.

Following Your Star Managing

The B2C Platform will create interactive environment where the fans can follow the entertainers and keep track of new ventures.

Emerging Talent

The Evedo Coin labels & Managers will be able to discover, to track the performance of, and to recruit different emerging stars.

Compare Price

The event organizers will be able to compare the prices of different vendors and subcontractors and will get the best value for their money.


Cancelling of any kind will trigger the Smart Contract funtionality that returns the EVED Tokens to their owners.

Bots & Resellers

Evedo we’ll take care of the bots and resellers by providing clear rules for the smart contracts that operate the ticketing process.


The mission is to synergize all participants in organizing & conducting events, allowing them to improve their work, have the highest level of security & eliminate unnecessary middlemen.