What Is Eutaria(EUT)? Complete Guide Review About Eutaria.

What Is Eutaria(EUT)?

The team is from the Philippines. Eutaria will remain anonymous for the mean time. This Company will detoxed once released 3 out of 5 play-to-earn features of Eutaria. MetaMask has disclosed the following information regarding the collection and usage of your data. More detailed information can be found in the publisher’s privacy policy. Yes, install metamask on your mobile device and you can use metamask browser. As many as you want, set the percentage distribution for your scholars.

Scholards don’t need to hold EUT token only managers need to hold EUT token to unlock play-to-earn for scholars. The transactions will not be on the blockhain so there will be no gas fees. Eutaria is play-to-earn crypto currency (BNB) and not a NFT blockchain game. Holding Eutaria token is required to unlock play and buy in-game currency using BNB.

Eutaria Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameEutaria
Short NameEUT
Circulating SupplyN\A
Total Supply21,000,000
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Sustainable rewards

Eutaria has in-game currency called Pleasure Potions (PP), the fixed value per PP is 1 USD. It can be bought at in-game shop using BNB token. Use PP to buy eutarians, tavern, or cavern to earn Pleasure Potions. The pleasure potions can be claim every 15th and 30th day of the month and it will be automatically converted as BNB to the player’s wallet.

Player’s can earn by eutarising, exploring caverns, staying in taverns, battling against invasions, player-vs-player battle, and land management. The rewards pool is continuously filled from the buy trades of EUT token, pleasure potions, and marketplace.

In-game scholarship

Invite scholars to let them play your eutarians. Rewards will be automatically distributed based on the percentage earnings set by the owner. Only wallet address is required for scholars and there will be no charges to play. A coins implemented this feature to help the owners manage their eutarians with the help of their chosen scholars. There will be no scholar limitations, you can have many scholars as you want and hold EUT token to unlock play-to-earn.

How long is Return of Investment (ROI)?

It depends on the attributes of Eutaria, as of the current play-to-earn feature you can reach your ROI within 1-3 months steadily. Read your whitepaper for more detailed calculations for rewards. If Lands (Caverns & Taverns), Invasion, and PVP play-to-earn feature releases, ROI will be 1-2 months for players. To bridge your assets over to the Polygon chain, head over to the assets section and select withdraw. Choose the asset you want to withdraw then choose on-chain with a destination network at USDT-Polygon. Fill in the correct wallet address and the amount that you want to transfer. Mind there is a fee necessary to process the cross-chain request.

How will Rewards pool fill up?

Tax from EUT token buy, marketplace trades, buying pleasure potions, and some in-game fees not related to play-to-earn. Read your whitepaper for more information. Rewards is BNB not Eutaria EUT token, EUT token is only needed for holding to unlock play-to-earn. Yes, there are no limitations for accounts. You can have as much as you want. Multiple accounts, scholars, and eutarians per account. Then paste the address to withdraw to and the proffered amount. Confirm all security notifications so the withdraw is successful.

How many Eutarians can be owned per account?

You can have as much as you want. Make sure to read the whitepaper to know about different classes & races of Eutarians and how it will be useful for future updates. An account can only own 1 tavern and 1 cavern. The taverns and caverns are limited and not all accounts can have taverns and caverns. It’s used to bridge assets from. It is also possible to bridge your assets $USDT & $USDC over to the Polygon chain from your OKEx wallet.