What Is ETH Price Action Candlestick Set (ETHPA)?

What Is ETH Price Action Candlestick Set (ETHPA)? Complete Guide Review About ETH Price Action Candlestick Set.

What Is ETH Price Action Candlestick Set (ETHPA)?

Set Protocol is an EVM-based asset management platform that leverages existing Decentralized Finance protocols to provide financial infrastructure to everyone. ETH Price Action Candlestick Set The primary use case on Set Protocol is the bundling of crypto-assets into fully collateralized baskets, represented as ERC20 tokens on the native blockchain.

These Set tokens act as structured products that follow the manager’s strategy, allowing others to replicate an identical strategy by simply holding the Set. The underlying contract that enables management of the Set supports external integrations with exchanges, lending platforms, automated market makers and asset protocols, and also invites more advanced strategies such as yield farming and margin trading.

ETH Price Action Candlestick Set Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameETH Price Action Candlestick Set
Short NameETHPA
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply1,273
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ETH Price Action Candlestick Set Managers maintain and rebalance structured products in the form of Sets to satisfy their asset management needs. Managers can offer their products to many different customer profiles whether they manage Sets as investment opportunities for individual or organizational investors, or they manage DAO treasuries in need of an on-chain, transparent instrument. Managers can use streaming fees to monetize their products to achieve profitability as their products grow.


Developers build the next generation of financial applications using the Set Protocol layer as their base and achieve their objectives faster. ETH Price Action Candlestick Set Whether you are running an algorithmically re-balanced cryptocurrency index or a long-only large investment portfolio that caters to an existing customer base – the Set Protocol has limitless opportunities on what innovative projects can be built, with Token Sets being a core example.

Social Trading

Anyone can become a social trader using our V2 Portfolio Sets that give the Set manager the ability to replicate their trading strategy on-chain, build assets under management and monetise their clients. Token Sets gives a user-friendly experience to Set managers to perform these actions, but also a friction less experience for clients to invest into your Set too.

Protocol Fee Structure

As a Manager, there are currently no fees for utilizing the Set Protocol directly for your business products outside of standard Ethereum network gas fees. ETH Price Action Candlestick Set If interacting with Set Protocol via the Token Sets UI the only fee currently invoked is a 0.10% fee on trades executed through the trade module on the UI.

As an Investor, in addition to the standard Ethereum network fees, you might encounter a ‘streaming fee’ on Sets, which is the manager’s way of monetizing their product.

Streaming Fees

ETH Price Action Candlestick Set The streaming fees are fees that are paid out to Set managers over time based on the entire market cap of the Set (e.g. 2% of market cap over 1 year). This incentivizes managers to increase the value of their Sets over time for their users.The streaming fee is calculated linearly over the lifespan of the Set. For example, if a Set has a 2% streaming fee and 6 months has passed, 1% of streaming fees would have been collected.

Token Sets

Token Sets is a UI that enables interactions with the Set Protocol system via Web3. With it, anyone can get started creating Set strategies and interacting with their Sets. There are also consumer flows for your strategy customers to issue your Strategy. As features are developed, audited and deployed, the team will be adding them to Token Sets.