What Is ESR Coin (ESRC)?

What Is ESR Coin (ESRC)? Complete Guide Review About ESR Coin.

What Is ESR Coin (ESRC)?

The modern distribution market is rapidly entering the era of electronic commerce with the borders collapsed due to the activation of the e- commerce market. The distribution until now is changed in the revolutionary way and the patterns of consumption are globalized and individualized, and now competition is not only for one country but also for the world.

ESR Coin builds an optimized global shopping mall, ESR platform, in the global online market where e-commerce takes the lead in building a network system that is unique in the global e-commerce market by building a strong marketing system that integrates ESR Coin with the global market, Blue Ocean, and it is the fastest encryption currency available in real life.

ESR Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameESR Coin
Short NameESRC
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply75,855,875
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What is ESR Contracts?

A contract that runs securely based on a protocol called Blockchain. Bitcoin, Etherium and many other virtual currencies are virtual currencies that can not be used in real life due to the slow transfer rate. The ESR coin, which is the lightest and fastest blockchain of virtual currency, is a virtual currency that can be used in real life.

Pow Pos Conversion

Bitcoin uses the SHA-256 method to create a nonce, a random number that increases by 1 until it finds a hash value that satisfies the condition. The more computing power, the more favorable it is to mining. This mining organization is called a mining pool, and the problem is that if mining pools from global mining companies are combined to occupy more than 51% of the total network computing power, there is a risk that Bitcoin’s security may collapse.

In order to solve the above problems, PoS and proof-of-stake create blocks through stakes that they have, not computing power, so that computing power and power waste can be avoided.

Future Technical Support

The ESR Coin Technical Team is always taking the ESR Coin block chain and all source code into public, and is constantly developing and upgrading them for the development of the encryption currency. Whenever there is any successful result, they are making it public to lead the researchers as well as crypto currency and 4th industrial revolution.

Application of blockchain technology

In addition, through ESR Coin, they are trying to solve common repetitive problems with cryptocurrency. Decision-making and decentralization systems lack a systematic decision making process. In the world of cryptocurrency, there were cases where there were various problems such as the confusion due to the absence of the decision-making process, significant financial loss and etc.

Through these proposals, ESR Coin has prepared a significant amount of public budget that can be used to develop the entire ESR Coin ecosystem. Algorithm for Centralization Prevention. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, which use only a PoW-type consensus protocol, are experiencing problems arising from the inability to separate economic incentives and political incentives.


When developed based on standard Web technologies such as JSP, PHP, HTML, HTTP, HTTPS, RDF, PY, Javascript, and OWL, which are used to provide Web pages, As shown in FIG. ESR Coin Both OWL and RDF can be used to create an unambiguous, structured data classification scheme. Using these characteristics, they proposed the concept of ESR Contracts, which is a contract associated with all of the payment systems.

Although OWL and RDF have similar characteristics, the RDF standard does not currently support P-Time completeness. However, using Reasoners, a tool to deduce logical results from a set of previously presented facts or axioms, OWL standards ensure P-TIME complexity.

Cryptocurrency Comparison

This means that the time it takes to execute the contract can be determined in advance. This is a key reason why OWL was chosen as the base language for Peace Contracts. ESR Coin OWL DL (Description Logic) is a sub-language of OWL. “It is designed to provide the maximum expressive power possible while maintaining the completeness of the calculation.”