What Is Eroverse (ERO)? Complete Guide Review About Eroverse.


What Is Eroverse (ERO)?

The online gaming space has grown significantly over the last decade with people now having more access to online gaming platforms than ever before such as Steam. Eroverse Most people have access to the internet via computers and consoles, or mobile devices such as tablets and most commonly smartphones and gaming is no longer seen as something just for children but is instead something that can appeal to all ages in varying forms.

While this has been a boon for many gaming developers there is an area of gaming that has remained somewhat niche and at times difficult to access, and that is Adult Gaming. While Adult Gaming platforms do exist in some fashion, Eroverse believes it can do it better.

Eroverse Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameEroverse
Short NameERO
Circulating Supply30.00B ERO
Total Supply45,000,000,000
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Eroverse will help adults play adult games and buy erotic art

Eroverse will not only build a platform that will host adult orientated games but will apply advancements in blockchain technology to improve upon the current platforms. This will be via adding Play2Earn to the games meaning users will be rewarded as they play. This combines the benefit of a collated space for a niche gaming area, with a reward mechanic which will encourage continued user engagement.

But the benefits of this platform do not end with gaming. It will also be a space that will host artists of the adult genre. Users will be able to buy NFT’s from well known artists and game developers in the space, and some of the NFT’s will be part of separate game economies with the potential to provide earnings just for holding them.

An increase in gaming platforms

Along with the growth of gaming has come the increase in gaming platforms. Eroverse Steam was a first mover and is still market leader, but others have entered the space such as GOG, Epic store, Microsoft store and Humble store. These collate games into spaces that allow games to be easily bought and played. However, there has been an area of gaming that has also seen significant growth but is often seen as separate to the mainstream, and that is Adult Gaming.

Sex and erotica in video games is nothing new

Starting with explicitly clothed but poorly animated girls in some Japanese games in the late 1980’s, the idea that ‘sex sells’ has been grasped by game developers over time and there is an
increasing amount for acceptance of sex and low level erotica in mainstream games today. Eroverse This can be seen as a parallel to how Hollywood have used sex and erotica in some movies. However, despite Hollywood having some level of erotica in many movies the pornography industry is huge and booming since the rise of internet pornography platforms.


Users will need to connect a BEP-20 wallet that contains a certain amount of ERO in order to use the platform and access staking pools and earn playing games. Developers and artists will be free to set their own prices and rules to be able to access their products. Some may require a specific NFT is in the users wallet, others may require the holding of more ERO’s, they will have freedom to decide within the realms of the ecosystem.

As well as games, artists will also be able to sell artworks, comics, NFT’s and more, again setting the price and any other requirements for sale. The platform will receive a small fee on every transaction which will help fund the reward pool. Eroverse will make a platform where gamers can easily find the games they want and developers can reach a wider user base, while at the same time enabling both games and developers to make more money.