What Is Equus Mining Token (EQMT)?

What Is Equus Mining Token (EQMT)? Complete Guide Review About Equus Mining Token.

What Is Equus Mining Token (EQMT)?

Algorithmic trading steadily gained popularity from 2010 on wards. Now it is an essential part for successful trading and we have a solution to make it mobile for traders. Currently, the Metatrader Android app lets traders open accounts and log into various broker platforms. Traders can access charts, news, and trade manually. The missing piece was using bots or EA (Expert Advisor) as it’s popularly called in the forex world.

Equus Mining Token Traders who wanted to profit from the vast opportunities that bot-supported trading offers were forced to install and maintain an own server structure. Coming with technical challenges and monthly recurring costs of up to $50. Access to a desktop computer or laptop was mandatory. Only the Meta trader desktop client supports bot trading execution. Additionally, trading bots are everything but cheap.

Costing a onetime fee of $250 and more for a single thread execution engine. Fine-tuning these algorithms often requires basic programming knowledge. Bottom line, trading bots is something for the few gifted – until now! Already today Pipdroid, in combination with the Metatrader app, offers full mobile control of all trading executing and an outstanding bot-management never seen before. Forget your laptop at home.

Equus Mining Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameEquus Mining Token
Short NameEQMT
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply100,000,000
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Several forex development firms

Equus Mining Token development firms around the world turned this project down, stating it was ”impossible”. Not giving up easily, Efosa Ighodaro shared his technical ideas with a developer and the first prototype was developed in 2016. Pipdroid offers a bot trading platform in the cloud, with a suite of trader developed bots provided to increase profitability odds.

Traders can also program their own bots and for the first time have the ability to launch them from their mobile phone. Today your beta testers enjoy a functionality of trading, that everyone else can only dream of.

Trading of cryptocurrencies and tokens across several exchanges

The next evolution of Equus Mining Token, Pipdroid Optima, will additionally offer trading of cryptocurrencies and tokens across several exchanges simultaneously, conduct rate arbitrage or simply optimize your buy and sell prices of everything crypto. Of course, with full support of your revolutionary cloud-bot architecture.

Pipdroid Optima also comes with sophisticated “social trading” or “follow the expert” functionalities. As a user simply copy profitable portfolios. Successful portfolio managers receive rewards in the form of KSS.

Blockchain Technology

Equus Mining Token is driven by innovation. Introducing blockchain technology into our apps allows for efficient user management and instant executions, adds transparency and accountability. In order to open up our products to the broader public we need to upgrade our currently closed and private cloud infrastructure to host hundreds of thousands of users.

As Vinekross LLC is based in the Nevis we need to fulfill some regulatory requirements and acquire certification before releasing cryptocurrency trading capabilities. Phase 2 is estimated to be achieved with a minimum budget of $2 million. Therefore, we decided in June to prepare for ITO. Your contribution will enable to finalize these costly procedures and bring you breathtaking apps.

Largest decentralized app and products monetization ecosystem

Equus Mining Token goal is to create the largest decentralized app and products monetization ecosystem in the world, running on KSS. These are the products and systems that will be in place in the near future as they also develop partnerships with developers and companies relevant to your purpose. The Krosscoin Ecosystem scope is limitless and will cover several industries including Fintech, AI, Messaging and social, Lending, Decentralized music creation and distribution, Decentralized e-commerce and freelance platforms, Media.

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