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What Is Eprotoken (EPRO)? Complete Guide Review About Eprotoken.

What Is Eprotoken (EPRO)?

Ethereum Pro is a cryptocurrency-based decentralized social media platform that uses the Eprotoken token as fuel and in-app purchases. Synonymous with popular social media platforms, Ethereum Pro will facilitate interaction between users on their “feed,” “instant messaging,” as well as cryptocurrency-based features such as; sharing their wallet addresses for others to track & follow, watching token pages to see their latest graphs,news, and details.

On the other hand, unlike such popular platforms where users can have multiple accounts to spam, bot, hack, or lie about their identity, Ethereum Pro limits spam and unnecessary information by making the platform accessible to $EPRO holders and by requiring an activation fee. That way, users cannot simply create bot accounts using a script or anything of the like.

In other words, the Ethereum Pro platform is efficient in its use as it’s filtered from unnecessary information by “fake” users. The Eprotoken Platform is decentralized; thus, not requiring verification of identity by SSN. So, suppose users decide to have multiple accounts. In that case, it will be better for the $EPRO ecosystem since they will be required to hold $EPRO and give up an initiation fee from each user to continue using the platform.

Eprotoken Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameEprotoken
Short NameEPRO
Circulating Supply490,708,237.00 EPRO
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

Social media market

As of June 2021, the human population was recorded to be 7.9 Billion. Of the 7.9 billion people, there are currently 4.20 billion social media users, a figure that is expected to jump 13% by the end of the year, according to the Data re-portal Global Overview report [11]. Eprotoken stats indicated that 1.3 million new users joined social media every day; that’s about 15.5 new users per second.In the United States, 72% of Americans use social media platforms [8]. Young adults are among the highest active social media users and, coincidentally, the most engaged in cryptocurrency searches. If the numbers remain the same, the world’s internet usage can surge to 12 trillion hours in 2021.

Social Media Challenges In Crypto

Cryptocurrencies have gained a lot of interest in the last couple of years but mainly in the previous year in research inquiries. Understanding how systems work in cryptocurrencies,what to buy, who to follow, and when to sell are important factors that differentiate a successful Eprotoken portfolio from a novice. In January 2021, the quantity of Bitcoin wallet users had grown to exceed 65 million, with 8,300 cryptocurrencies exceeding a market capitalization of 1 trillion. Currently, on major social media platforms, cryptocurrency is of piquing interest.

However, Crypto investors face significant unresolved challenges like trust, complexity in systems,and unknown entry barriers. This is where ePro intends to bridge the gap. Eprotoken Pro will build a platform that plays an active role in connecting crypto enthusiasts and social media. Thus, creating a network better equipped than any other social media platform out there right now.


Using the $EPRO coin as fuel, Ethereum Pro aims to feature two variations of the platform EPRO Classic and EPRO Executive. EPRO Classic is the more mainstream social media platform where users post statuses, share ideas, post their wallet trades, and subscribe to others’ posts. EPRO Executive, on the other hand, is the upper tier of the EPRO platform for professionals, both of which will be discussed in detail further in the read.


The user sends coins to another by signing a hash of the exchange and the public key of the new owner and adding it to the end of the coin.Transactions, in general, contain elements that are required to ensure validity. Inputs amount bitcoin that will be sent, Outputs the value of several bitcoins that are sent and address, Unique Identifier maintains all transactions, and Signatures without these transactions will not be valid. To have a valid transaction, the user that sends the input must sign the transaction.


Transactions are put together in blocks this allows for the number of transactions added to the blockchain at one time to increase. They are collected by a node to put in the block,which is made up of a block header and two hash pointers. The block header contains a time stamp and the hash pointer to the exchange of coins is a hash root of the Eprotoken tree that acts as the directory of all transactions placed in that particular block.

Transactions occur when a user sends his key to another user’s wallet, writes a payment order for 1 BTC, and signs it with their private key. The transaction is then proposed to the network, confirming and verifying the exchange to make it valid. Therefore, Bitcoin transactions are not entirely private. It’s added to the blockchain and is available online. It is readily available to point out the wallets present in the transaction. It is difficult, on the contrary, to identify individual users solely on the wallet used, which provides some anonymity.

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