What Is Epic Cash (EPIC)?

What Is Epic Cash (EPIC)? Complete Guide Review About Epic Cash.

What Is Epic Cash (EPIC)?

Bitcoin blazed new trails technologically while adhering to time-tested fundamentals in the structure of its monetary policy. Bitcoin’s success is strongly related to its limited supply combined with trust less, immutable, and decentralized blockchain. Epic Cash emulates Bitcoin’s monetary policy of decreasing inflation and limited supply to ensure Epic currency can serve as an effective store of value. Despite Bitcoin’s success, certain shortcomings have been revealed since its inception 10 years ago.

Other projects have tried to overcome these shortcomings and they have investigated the best of these to use as your starting point. Epic Cash decided upon utilizing the Grin code base and the excellent work of several other projects to help perfect on the hard-won accomplishments and discovered faults of predecessors. Epic Cash possesses the key qualities to be an ideal currency.

Epic Cash Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameEpic Cash
Short NameEPIC
Circulating Supply14,015,532.00 EPIC
Total Supply14,015,532
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Epic Cash maintains a space efficient blockchain, upon which new nodes can be easily established without resource-intensive equipment. The blockchain is capable of at least twice the throughput of Bitcoin. The Cash blockchain safeguards the anonymity of Epic holders and users by protecting the details of transactions from third parties, and is designed to be both untraceable and invisible to surveillance.

Because Bitcoin wallet addresses are a vault’s locator in the digital world, that wallet can be traced to an owner’s Internet Protocol (IP) address, which anchors the owner to a computer at a unique location at a given point in time. Simply explained when a Bitcoin transaction takes place, the transaction is broadcast from a communication hub called a ‘node’ and then propagated to other nodes called ‘peers’. That information then quickly spreads to each of those nodes’ peers consecutively across the entire network.


The Epic Cash transactions are smooth, continuous and are executed much faster than in previous generations of blockchain technology. While Bitcoin requires six 10-minute
blocks to achieve complete transaction confirmation, Epic transactions occur within a single block confirmation as soon as a 1-minute block has been mined.

Most cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are stored in wallets whose addresses refer to public keys derived from a wallet’s private keys. These addresses can be thought of as locators of one’s private vault in the digital world. The blockchain eliminates addresses entirely and instead applies one grand multi signature from which all public and private keys are generated on a single-use basis.


Epic Cash The modern day use of money can be understood as the collective transference of units of account between people and institutions. The landscape of money at any given point in time can be mapped by answering the following questions. For traditional fiat currencies, and indeed Bitcoin as well, they can answer those questions. In so doing, much can be revealed about people’s lives, such as consumption patterns, ownership, and transactional counter parties. Fairly accurate conclusions can be drawn about an individual’s interests and intentions by tracing transfers of value. Without privacy, transaction data can be dangerous information in the hands of predatory third parties.

The past decade’s use of cryptocurrency shows a continuum of “privacy” in varying Epic Cash implementations. The privacy scale, should one be considered, ranges from open and notorious on one end to anonymous on the other. As privacy erodes, one essential cornerstone of cryptocurrency, trust less ness, degrades. As evidenced by the success of Bitcoin blockchain analysis services, Bitcoin is situated more towards the notoriously transparent end of the privacy spectrum.

Epic Cash Users must increasingly take steps to ensure they don’t inadvertently transact in tainted Bitcoin. The Epic Cash solution swings the needle towards anonymous and restores this essential property by ensuring that both the privacy of the individual and privacy of transactions are engineered into the system at a fundamental level.