What Is Epanus (EPS)?

What Is Epanus (EPS)? Complete Guide Review About Epanus.

What Is Epanus (EPS)?

IEpanus is an algorithmic money market system designed for a completely decentralized finance-based lending and credit system on the Polygon Network. Iron Lend creates isolated money markets and elastic interest rates for assets on the Polygon network that allowing users to become suppliers and borrowers with liquidity incentives. The protocol allows depositors to earn passive income by providing liquidity to the market, while borrowers are able to borrow perpetual over collateralized loans that can be paid off in any amount, at any rate.

Users can leverage long and short positions or create your own market.The IRON stable coin can be borrowed at 0% interest using any collateral on Iron Lend. Additionally, it provides strong integration with Iron Swap and more upcoming products within the Iron Finance ecosystem. The official Iron Finance token is the ICE token, inspired by A Song of Ice and Fire novels, where the Iron Throne is a well-known symbol.This document links to the key resources on Iron Finance to understand the fundamentals of the Protocol.

Please join the discussion on the IRON Finance Discord server, where the team and community work together to make Iron Finance one of the top self-sustaining protocols in all of DeFi. Epanus is an automated market maker (AMM) protocol specialized for fast and efficient swapping of stable assets at ultra-low fees and near-zero slippage.

Epanus Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameEpanus
Short NameEPS
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply15,000,000
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BlueICE token and Farms

Currently, the design is harsher for large deposits rather than long duration. In other words, with your current model, BlueICE stakers are strongly incentivized to lock for less than 3 years since the exit penalty is the same. After discussion with your community, they will do a governance voting proposal to make the exit fee dynamic based on how long a user has locked.

Therefore, the governance voting will propose to scale the penalty with the locked duration as well. This finding is not economically critical but rather design-oriented and therefore received a “medium” risk label.

Social Media

Please beware of scammers and fake Iron Finance channels on Telegram pretending to be an official Iron Finance social media! Beware of scammers messaging you and fake Iron Finance Telegram channels! IronSwap is the Iron Finance stable coin swap product. It is an automated market maker (AMM) specialized for fast and efficient stable coin swapping at the best rates with the lowest fees and smallest slippage on the Polygon network.

ICE token

Besides being a utility token, ICE also represents a portion of both governance and profit-share of all platform revenues. When a user chooses to stake their ICE, they receive BlueICE, the governance-staked version of ICE, in return. This way, ICE turns into an interest-bearing asset with governance rights, and accrues platform profits (USDC dividends) on a block to block basis.

Holders of Epanus can participate in the protocol’s governance, allowing them the ability to influence the future of the protocol and their own wealth in the process. ICE is the utility token for the entire IRON Finance ecosystem, traded and farmed on decentralized exchanges across the Polygon network.

Liquidity incentives

When users deposit one or more of these stable coins in 3pool, a Liquidity Pool (LP) token is received in return. This 3 pool LP token can be staked in order to earn ICE token rewards as part of your liquidity incentivization program. FTM liquidity incentives are expected to begin soon. An ICE bridge and farms will follow.

Risk Harbor Insurance Integration

Risk Epanus is a multi-chain risk-management platform offering users the option to cheaply purchase insurance (downside risk protection) for Iron Swap’s IS3 USD pool. This pool protects liquidity providers against hacks and attacks on the pool. It pays out when the number of withdrawn DAI+ USDC +USDT tokens is less than 80% of the IS3USD LP tokens redeemed.