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Epagz Web Hosting Review: Start Stunning Business Website Today.

About Epagz

Epagz have hosted personal websites, small business sites and large corporate clients. Your customers have remained loyal for one reason – your exemplary customer service and the reliability of your web solutions. Blockchain entirely removes the need to trust a group of privileged humans. It is impossible to overstate the significance of this discovery. Blockchains and cryptocurrencies can be designed by humans but, once created, exist beyond human institutions. Once created, they are governed by fixed rules expressed in computer code, that are at once transparent to everyone yet modifiable by no one. It is truly decentralized and beholden to no one institution. Blockchain exists beyond people, beyond companies, beyond governments.

On the blockchain, ownership and transfer of currency is governed by indisputable community consensus. Since Satoshi’s whitepaper in 2008, Epagz have seen tremendous progress in blockchain. Only now has the technology become mature enough to support viable contenders to replace the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Ethereum brought smart contracts to the blockchain, but consumes a country’s worth of electricity just to handle very limited activity, and at the time of writing has network fees over $100 for simple transactions. Bitcoin was a brilliant proof of concept, but its practical use is limited by its lack of programmability.

Some Quick Facts Epagz Web Hosting

EpagzBasic Details
Hosting NameEpagz
Call Support480-624-2500 
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Epagz Price


Players can withdraw the staked Epagz tokens at any time, but there will be a penalty for withdrawing the tokens within a different period of time. Withdrawal of the tokens within 7 days will burn 50% of the DW. After 30 days, the user can withdraw DW tokens without penalty. 70% of burned DW will be destroyed directly, and 30% will enter the reward pool to be rewarded to the player. The actual Mining Power of the final player in the Work state = Mining Power of the dog acceleration factor.

Income generated by Work cannot be claimed separately. All incomes generated by Work will be included in DashBoard together with Boss Battle. Players need to obtain sufficient comprehensive combat power through Boss Battle to unlock the income and rewards generated by Work and Boss Battle. In previous guide, Epagz mentioned about how to enter alpha test and also each function in game main menu. 

Stamina Value

Stamina Value is one of the conditions to determine whether the dog can participate in Boss Battle. Although the stamina potions had been mentioned in Epagz official documents, but your game guild have confirmed that in first patch of game, there will be no stamina potions. Therefore, players can only recover their stamina through time. Market capitalization (market cap for short) means the total value of all tokens of a certain cryptocurrency. This is calculated by multiplying the number of tokens in circulation times the value of each token.

These are bought and sold on different exchanges, held in wallets, or paid for goods and services where they are accepted. The initial stamina value and upper limit of the stamina value of each dog is 200, and each battle consumes 50 stamina points, and the dog’s stamina value will be restored 0.2 per minute. After calculation, each dog can conduct 9 boss battles per day. In the Work state, the dog’s stamina will also recover gradually, so if your dog’s stamina is below 50, always let him work for you.

Combat power and ranking

In the “Dashboard” on the main menu, players can check the comprehensive combat power of the last 7 days and the number of CPs they can receive. The system will reward you CP token based on the comprehensive combat power of your victory games yesterday. Note that this reward will be issued the next day, that is, your rewards after daily battles need to be collected on the next day.

Epagz the “Ranking” on the main menu, you can check the total combat power rankings in daily and weekly list. The calculation of the combat power rankings is the comprehensive combat power of the daily user after the victory of the boss battle. Therefore, if the user does not engage in any boss battles for a day or fail to defeat any boss. You will not be able to accumulate comprehensive combat power on the leader board.

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