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What Is Empower (MPWR)? Complete Guide Review About Empower.

What Is Empower (MPWR)?

Empower is developing the future of commerce and physical distribution, centered on the collectors. Native to web3, ClubRare is empowering the individual by connecting them directly to creators, connecting creators directly to the metaverse, and connecting the metaverse to the physical world. At ClubRare, collectors can communicate directly with each other and the creators they support. With innovative governance protocols, community members shape the evolution of the ecosystem, earn unique physical and digital rewards, and build their presence in the metaverse.

Through this partnership, ClubRare collectors and creators will see their NFTs come to life within The Sandbox. The two projects will work closely to publish limited-edition products on the ClubRare platform and allow players to freely use them on The Sandbox’s Metaverse platform. The Sandbox is a metaverse platform that grew rapidly in 2021 to sales of over $144 Million. With over 500,000 users and 12,000 land owners, The Sandbox is becoming a household name.

Empower Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameEmpower
Short NameMPWR
Circulating Supply100,000,000.00 MPWR
Total Supply100,000,000
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The ClubRare Mission

The Empower mission is to build a collector-centered marketplace for physical goods on web3, become the bridge from the metaverse to the real world, and empower individuals to shape their destinies both on and offline. The future of the distribution economy is empowering, rewarding, and community-owned.

Fair Start, Fair Development

Empower will never have private token sales. The development team and community all receive a transparent and fair distribution of tokens according to their contributions and support. The long-term goal is full decentralization. Because of this, Rare is committed to sharing both profit and governance with the community. The community determines Rare’s operating policies, steers the development of ClubRare products, and gets rewarded for their participation.

Sustainable Economy

Empower is committed to never using unsustainable rewards or gimmicks to capture market share. Contrary to other projects that offer huge promises but fail to deliver over time, they are building long-term economies within our ecosystem. Activity Rewards are distributed linearly for 10 years. and will drive the growth of ClubRare.

Transaction fees are 2.5%, and distributed as follows:

  • 20% immediate distribution to stakers
  • 40% treasury allocation
  • 40% development funds on a linear vesting schedule

ClubRare Governance Token

With AGOV, the community votes on treasury spending, determines policies and brand partnerships, and can trade exclusive NFTs. AGOV stands for “Answer Governance”. For Empower, there was never any other answer. The full AGOV DAO is in development. With MPWR, community members can earn unique rewards, buy and sell in the metaverse, and gain elevated status in ClubRare Universe. When collectors are empowered, everyone succeeds. The Lazy Leo Club is an exclusive membership-based NFT collection. With each Leo providing unique abilities across ClubRare Universe, collectors are more engaged than ever.

The Collector Economy

A Phygital NFT is an NFT that both provides benefits in the metaverse, and is intrinsically tied to a physical item, verified and assured by ClubRare. Anyone can create a Phygital NFT to sell a physical item, from individuals to global brands. Empower support global-scale shipping and logistics with a custom warehousing solution. Based on an on-chain escrow system, all items are authenticated by a licensed authenticator for anti-fraud and quality assurance before reaching the end buyer.

Collectors, not Consumers

The Empower ecosystem will manifest in a personalized, open metaverse space for collectors. Each individual can customize their metaverse showcase, and brands can promote their products directly in the virtual mall. Through interactions with the ClubRare community, exclusive opportunities in their Guild, and integrations with other metaverse platforms, collectors can carve out a space all their own. Establish or join a guild in the metaverse, and earn first chance at exclusive drops. Go head to head with other guilds, or work together to collect complete sets of your favorite march.


Q1 2022

  • Develop partner launchpad for ClubRare Marketplace
  • Lazy Leo Club whitelist event
  • Single token staking launched on Klaytn blockchain (January 31)

Q2 2022

  • Lazy Leo Club pre-sale begins
  • First ClubRare Physical Node established in North America to provide secure custody, authentication, and logistics
  • MPWR/ETH initial liquidity offering (ILO) and community pre-sale (May 5)
  • MPWR/ETH pair initialized in Uniswap (May 7, 2022)
  • ClubRare Marketplace launched (digital only, May 27)
  • OpenSea User Airdrop (May 30)
  • Phygital NFT feature rollout on ClubRare Marketplace (June)
  • Brand & marketing expansion to western markets
  • ClubRare at NFT.NYC 2022 (June 21-23)
  • ClubRare announces public beta of the Phygital Marketplace
  • Secret partnership announced
  • ClubRare hosts the Open Metaverse Club in NYC (June 23)

Q3 2022

  • AGOV cross-chain expansion
  • MPWR cross-chain expansion

Q4 2022

  • ClubRare Marketplace Guild expansion
  • ClubRare Metaverse launch to closed alpha
  • ClubRare at NFT.London 2022


  • ClubRare Metaverse Quest expansion


  • Evolution into a fully decentralized ecosystem
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