What Is Elpis Battle(EBA)? Complete Guide Review About Elpis Battle.

Elpis Battle

What Is Elpis Battle(EBA)?

You enlist in Elpis Battle to explore the fantasy world and be instrumental to the in-game economy. All the players will contribute to the game ecosystem through various ways, reap the rewards, and freely trade the awards. An ancient legend told about a battle among races on the Planet in thousands years ago. On that day, the battle caused the separation and division of continents where all races live.

Elpis Battle continents were separated and a parted by a seal. The moment when the 8 planets lined up was the seal became the weakest. A mysterious nature took advantage to break the seal, causing 8 continents to be united and joined together. Now, all clans on the 8 continents realize that they are not the only race on the Planet.

Elpis Battle Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameElpis Battle
Short NameEBA
Circulating Supply1,000,000.00 EBA
Total Supply480,200,000
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What Is Elpis Battle(EBA)? Complete Guide Review About Elpis Battle.


Pay-to-win or free-to-play are two common phrases that exist in the traditional game industry. Every year, gamers spend billions of dollars in in-game items and a considerable amount of time playing a game, but they do not claim ownership of these assets. Elpis Battle the traditional game industry, the in-game items belong to the game publishers, who can repossess these assets anytime. Blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFT provide a solution for the game industry. The game publishers could produce the game, but the players are the actual proprietor of the game. The concept of play-to-earn is similar to the idea of proof-of-work.

The work here comes from playing games and engaging in the game ecosystem, creating values for both the players and the product. Therefore, the players deserve the rewards for their contribution. Elpis Battle find that blockchain will disrupt the game industry in such a way as it did to the financial sector.The products of ZEGO Studio have served millions of users globally, making ZEGO one of the top game studios in SEA in terms of daily downloads. To achieve this milestone, ZEGO focuses on understanding its customers and meeting their demands. With such extensive experience, this firmly believe that create a game that fulfills users’ needs and turns them into the actual possessor of the game.


The Elpis Team aims at not only creating an attractive game but:

  • Building the Elpis game in which Elpis Battle is the first and foremost cornerstone. The Elpis Team will develop many new games to satisfy the different needs and desires of the other target groups. Still, the game play, NFT assets, and in-game currency of Elpis Battle are applicable.
  • Applying the first DAO governance model for the game industry to strictly bind stakeholders’ benefits: the development team, the investors, the players, and the community. Any important decision will be voted to come up with the best option for the community’s interest. Simultaneously, the accumulated value of the ecosystem will be redistributed to all stakeholders.

Dungeon mode

  • The Elpis World is shattered into 7 maps – equal to 7 continents to explore.
  • Each map is divided into stages. In each stage, the players fight against enemy.
  • Winning the stage will bring you rewards, and you can jump to the next scene.
  • You can run backward the last four stages from your current status.


Elpis Battle Scholarship is a function that users can share their access and in-game assets usage with other players. Shared player can play and use item but can’t make any transaction on-chain. This feature is designed to integrate with gaming guilds, so they can take advantage of managing their in-game assets from an organizational scale. Each Race in the Elpis Battle has its own strengths and weaknesses that are demonstrated by the basic statistics.


Elpis Battle Each Hero possesses a maximum of 5 skills, for which 4 skills are default and unchangeable. The fifth skill can be learned through the Skill Book. The skills are also classified into 4 levels of Rarity: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The strengths of these skills are ascending: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary. The higher quality the hero is, the greater the probability of getting high-quality skills.