What Is Electronero (ETNX)?

What Is Electronero (ETNX)? Complete Guide Review About Electronero.

What Is Electronero (ETNX)?

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Electronero Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameElectronero
Short NameETNX
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply33,369,436,423
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Electronero Smart Chain

Electronero 1.0 core blockchain has been built over the course of 5+ years, with efforts from hundreds of contributors around the world. Through the years blockchain systems, and the needs of the people have evolved. Through meticulous research, & development Electronero Network Core Contributors have designed a unique sustainable, low-energy, efficient, and attractive blockchain network platform with public & private blockchain.

Architectures combining strengths of various interoperable blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Monero, ETNX, Cosmos, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other major assets with Network EI-1.0 assets, and ETNX Smart Chain EI-2.0 xAssets. ETNX 2.0: Interchained $XSC & Smart Chain main net operations are scheduled for Genesis on 09/09/2021. ETNX owners before block 307,001 are invited to claim shares of Network.


ETNX Interchained brings new access to Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Cryptonote to ecosystem! New updated ETNX Smart Chain enabled web & mobile wallets! Deploy XRC-20 tokens or smart contracts, send/receive legacy EI-1.0 Cryptonote ETNX ETNXP LTNX GLDX CRFI, Smart Chain $XSC coin, xAssets xETNX xETNXP xLTNX xGLDX xCRFI, xXMR, xETN or XRC-20 tokens, Binance BEP-20, Ethereum ERC-20 or Cosmos tokens in a unique, efficient, and user-friendly experience. First deployments for Android and iOS are in private alpha stages now. Public beta opens 09/09/2021.

Want to Earn Electronero?

As a result of a world wide caucus held between the Electronero core team. 19+ members from different parts of the globe were selected as team after participating in volunteer contributions to the ETNX community. The internal reorganization brings with it some discussions and many votes were cast. The votes were split and two parallel, interoperable, interchained networks will be formed simultaneously to be known as: EI-1.0, and EI-2.0.

ETNX Legacy Cryptonote will continue, AKA EI-1.0 this blockchain network coverage includes assets such as ETNX, ETNXP, LTNx, GLDX, and CRFI. ETNX 2.0: Interchained is two parts, ETNX Smart Chain which has the $XSC coin which will be the main asset along with all on chain xAssets AKA XRC-20 tokens, and Interchained BEP20/ERC20 tokens for Side Chained protocol using multi-chain and side-chain technology with privacy of Cryptonote and Ethereum/Binance tokens. 

The Electronero 1.0 Launch

The original EI-1.0 hard fork from ETN happened at height 307,000 of ETNX. legacy Cryptonote was forked from blockchain, and Monero source code. The block was mined in 2018. The original chain owners abandoned the blockchain, it was attacked and so the community decided to pick it up to build upon it and maintain it. Now after several years of hard work, research and development, there are 5 coins on main net ETNX, ETNXP, LTNX, GLDX,CRFI.

Interchained is a combination of legacy Electronero Crypto note blockchains, with modern Smart Chain $XSC blockchains, and a cross-chain bridge between major blockchains such as Ethereum, and Binance-Smart-Chain, and more integrations to come such as Polygon, Tron, and more. Interchained is here. When block 307,000 was mined way back in 2018 at that time all owners became defector Network owners.