What Is Eco Value Coin (EVC)?

What Is Eco Value Coin (EVC)? Complete Guide Review About Eco Value Coin.

What Is Eco Value Coin (EVC)?

Beginning with a focus and attention to the environment, Eco Value Coin will bring innovative ideas with a strong platform linked with eco companies, organizations and individuals. Not only will take advantage of the convenience of blockchain technology, but also emphasize the value of Eco for improving the earth. Europe has a system called ETS (EU emissions trading system). The CO2 allowances are distributed via an auction mechanism but there is also a trading mechanism via an online platform.

Eco Value Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameEco Value Coin
Short NameEVC
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply3,300,000,000
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Eco Value Token Mission

The creation of Eco Value Coin (EVC) and a secure, cutting edge blockchain platform will integrate with a vast array of Eco industries. Eco Value Coin will streamline transactions, minimize fees and transfer times, enable the user full control over a secure, global payment process, and also act as a link between international Eco energy and CO2 emission rights.

Your goal is to become an internet P2P exchange hub platform that exchanges true value in the hopes of benefiting the Earth. They will set a new standard for digital blockchain platforms based on real value assets with nature and the Earth at the forefront.


Blockchain technology is not an exception. The resilience of Bitcoin and substantial institutional buy-in from the world’s largest banks and financial exchanges is evidence of its resilience. Blockchain, a type of cryptographic data structure that uses logic – logic with rules – allowing business the ability to act on the same data as a third party and know that the other party can see the same information without compromising the integrity of the data.  This is important because it creates chronology.

P2P Eco Value Bank Platform

With the innovative idea of improving Earth’s pollution problem, Eco Value Coin envision using Eco Value Coin (EVC) and the blockchain as the medium to transact CO2 carbon credit emission rights in the market. Each stored value of EVC – backed by real carbon certificates – will be exchanged and shared on your platform. The key functions will be storing certificates, a means of exchanging certificates via EVC, and the ability to use EVC as a payment method for related services.

Eco value Coin Wallet

The Eco Value Coin wallet will enable all individuals and companies to store and exchange their own currencies with the EVC token. Mobile, tablet and desktop based wallets will bring freedom for transactions, mining, and securing one’s assets – the Eco Value Coin (EVC).


A private blockchain could be used to enforce a contract or create a fiduciary relationship (trust, company, investment) where the contract is programmed into the blockchain and claims or conditions can be automated under a set of criteria.  Intricate rules and controls using “if this, then that” logic will reduce resource expenditure, improve quality control and ensure privacy.

Debt Collection

Eco Value Coin allows global companies, hospitals, retail – any transaction based model – to manage the payment life cycle without the use of intermediaries. EVC will connect with international banks, as well as the VISA and MasterCard systems. They will provide a global coin debit card system to your Eco Value coin and platform users. With the convenience of being linked with VISA and MasterCard, the global coin debit card system API will be linked to our platform for your member’s convenience.

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