What Is Eco Dollar (ECOS)?

What Is Eco Dollar (ECOS)? Complete Guide Review About Eco Dollar.

What Is Eco Dollar (ECOS)?

Eco Dollar is a system composed of a cryptocurrency, a state of the art technological platform, and an open support community. The three components work together to provide a secure, stable and de-centralized currency. The technological platform is designed to comply with the strict guide lines of the international entities that regulate cryptocurrencies and virtual financial assets. These efforts provide the Ecos community a safe infrastructure to operate.

Eco Dollar Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameEco Dollar
Short NameECOS
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply100,002,530,027
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EcoDollar regulation

Eco Dollar operates with different locations worldwide, with the respective licenses for operations according to the legislation of each country. Eco Dollar is designed to comply with the strict guidelines of international organizations that regulate cryptocurrencies and virtual financial assets. These efforts provide the Ecos community with a safe infrastructure to operate.

Today we are expanding headquarters and borders in different cryptocurrency friendly nations. Each headquarters can be incorporated or dissolved according to the changes in legislation in each country or for the operational convenience of Ecos, transferring its assets to the immediate head-quarters by proximity or geographical sector.

EcoDollar is classified as a crypto payment token and does not promise any monetary benefit or claim. Its price is determined by the market supply and the demand for the currency on the exchange platforms.

The Eco Dollar currency

Eco Dollar is a cryptocurrency that runs entirely on an encrypted blockchain platform that is audited by the different governments of your headquarters. All transactions and balances are stored securely on multiple servers and geographic locations worldwide using the latest technology.

The Eco-Dollar platform and its currency are backed by the underlying value of the green properties that are being acquired and maintained around the world (referred to as the “Greenest Planet Reserve” or “Greener Planet Reserve). They will work with ecological entities to provide a precise valuation method of the nature that preserve.

The price of EcoDollar

The price of Eco Dollar is based on the economic model of Supply and Demand and is defined by the Currency Exchange Providers. The initial trading price on the Exchange Providers will start at approximately $1 USD per Ecos. The initial coin supply is 100,000 Million Ecos, and every month approximately 1 Million additional coins are minted and distributed.

Eco-friendly mining

The Eco-Dollar platform runs on a modern and Eco-Friendly system called Proof-of-Stake. This system replaces the old mechanism called Proof-of-Work that was an ecological disaster, due to the enormous electrical consumption required by the millions of miners around the world. Your Proof-of-Stake system is based on a “staking” model where the servers validate the transactions with simple verification, instead of using the complicated and energy consuming calculations of the past.

Technological platform

The Eco Dollar blockchain runs on multiple servers that are distributed around the world, providing additional security and de-centralization to the platform. Additional servers can be added by any person or organization. The programming code is Open Source, externally audited and available for anyone in the world to review. The currency, blockchain and all the transactions are encrypted end-to-end.

Security behind Eco Dollar

Eco Dollar is a cryptocurrency, and by definition it is designed to be a secure and encrypted platform. However they have added security improvements in the code, the servers and in the transaction mechanisms. Additionally, your support community has a Defense Department that monitors the Internet and provides additional protection from hackers, scammers, and other malicious actors.