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What Is Earneo? (RNO) Complete Guide Review About Earneo.

What Is Earneo?

Earneo Coin is a fair video sharing platform using blockchain technology, where everyone can be rewarded in crypto currency. By sharing the revenue among the users, Earneo want to give back to the users and content creators what they really deserve. Earneo’s moderation system is based on a voluntary community.

All the videos will be reviewed and approved by the moderator community. Thanks to this system, only appropriate videos will be available on the platform. In order to be fully censorship resistant, the content’s storage needs to be decentralized which we plan to achieve using IPFS technology.

Relaychain Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameEarneo Coin
Short NameRNO
Circulating Supply254,552,776.00 RNO
Total Supply650,000,000
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Why Earneo?

Earneo mission is to build a fair video sharing platform. By sharing the advertisement revenue among the users, they want to give back to the users and content creators what they really deserve.

Content Creators

Artist, Vlogger, Influencer or Budding Journalist, earn what you really deserve. Content creators will receive 65% of the ads revenue.


For the first time, Earneo Coin Watch thousands of videos & be paid for that. Viewers will share 20% of the ads revenue.


Be a pillar of the community by participating in the moderation of the contents. And be reward for that. Moderators will share 3% of the ads revenue.


Earneo is a real contender in the media sharing platform arena. What is unique about Earneo compared to the popular platforms, is the real earning potential it offers for Content Creators. Whether you are an artist wanting to introduce your new music or showcase your talent, a Vlogger, an Influencer or an expert, generously imparting your knowledge across the www, your effort and work will be rewarded by earning RNO.

A lucrative 65% share of the advertising revenue that Earneo receives will be distributed to Content Creators. Video content you send to us will be moderated by the community, as they strive to become a self-governing global circle of members. Content Creators can begin to earn RNO as soon as their videos are enjoyed by other users.


Content creators are aware how easily their content can be stolen. When someone uses your intellectual property for commercial purposes, you can make a claim for compensation. To do so, you may even need legal representation to prove the ownership of the property and only then enforce your rights. Earneo Coin will use Blockchain and smart contracts to help you easily defend your intellectual property rights.

For content creators wishing to protect their copyright, Earneo will offer the possibility of creating a cryptographic hash stored in a smart contract in order to guarantee the copyright of the content to its creator.

Proof of Moderation

The moderation system will work on the same principle as Proof of Work (PoW), the verification of Bitcoin transactions. They named it Proof of Moderation (PoM). Earneo each video uploaded will be viewed by the moderator community. Once a certain number of moderators have validated the video, other users will be able to watch the content. The more moderators there are on the platform, the faster the validation will be. The moderators will receive a ranking, and the higher the ranking, the lower the number of validations required by other moderators.

Blockchain as a solution to the digital advertisement industry

Digital advertising is one of the most important industries in the world and is expected to exceed $ 350 billion in 2020. But this industry faces more than $ 20 billion in ad fraud each year, and those numbers continue to rise. In addition, the lack of transparency leads to more than 70% of advertisers not reaching their audience, making advertising campaigns less effective and more expensive than they should be.

IPFS technology

Earneo Coin IPFS is an open-source project, from multiple predecessor technologies such as distributed hash tables, BitTorrent and Git. These technologies were inspired by the need provide an enhanced solution for hypermedia data sharing, the basis for Blockchain and hyper ledger technologies.

Earneo Advantage

The goal is to attract new content creators that are not able to monetize their content on other platforms. By offering a fairer revenue sharing, they are aiming to become a credible alternative for already well-established content creator who are trying to earn more from their hard works.