What Is Dynasty Global Investments (DYN)?

What Is Dynasty Global Investments (DYN)? Complete Guide Review About Dynasty Global Investments.

What Is Dynasty Global Investments (DYN)?

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Dynasty Global Investments Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameDynasty Global Investments
Short NameDYN
Circulating Supply92,691.00 DYN
Total Supply20,999,225
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Blockchain as a financial tool

Dynasty Global Investments AG is a worldwide platform born in the Crypto Valley, an ecosystem centered in and around the Swiss canton of Zug with active connections to international centers of blockchain innovation around the globe. Thanks to its business-friendly framework, deep talent pool and sophisticated infrastructure, Crypto Valley is quickly becoming a global center where emerging cryptographic, blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies and businesses can thrive in a safe, supportive, and vibrant environment.

The Project

Dynasty Global Investments are merging your global expertise in Real Estate and Blockchain technology with the D¥NS. D¥NS is designed to accommodate a broad range of transactions. It enables holders to convert their money to and from D¥NS tokens, using the full security and convenience of blockchain technology. D¥NS provides to token holders an alternative to storing and transacting their tokens.


Dynasty Global Investments is kept in a digital wallet, and all transactions are fully managed and validated by the blockchain technology. D¥NS can be bought and sold easily. Fast transactions and independent from the traditional methods. Dynasty will provide an advantage for retailers to accept and hold D¥NS. No bureaucracy to enter and exit on D¥NS token once it is listed in global exchanges.

How does the Buy-Back & Burn procedure work?

Dynasty Global Investments acquire Real Estate assets in various premium locations around the world with the funds from the sale of the D¥NS tokens. Then, with the revenue incomes coming from those assets – subtracted administrative costs and expenses –, they buy back D¥NS tokens on a quarterly basis in the exchanges where they are listed.

Finally, they transfer those tokens to Dynasty’s treasury into a Burn wallet that is specified in your smart contract. When the D¥NS tokens enter the Burn wallet, they are burnt, which means they are destroyed forever in the Blockchain and, therefore, taken out of circulation.