What Is Dynamix(DYNA)? Complete Guide Review About Dynamix.

What Is Dynamix(DYNA)?

Dynamix is a new token that evolves according to the events it encounters. This coin found and understood after an in-depth study on several existing coins and tokens, their strengths and their limits. As an example, rewards generally do not vary and when the number of holders increases, only token cents will be shared between them. Another example concerning taxes is that most tokens have fixed taxes. I have developed a system that rewards holders who hold the token over time. The more you hold, the lower are the taxes.

Dynamix have seen after in-depth audits of several tokens and coins, the only way to explode a currency is with marketing, although ads can contribute, only a smart marketing can blow up a token. That’s the reason they will be investing 60% of your budget in Marketing. They are about to sign partnerships with very big influence’s, displaying billboards in the biggest cities of the world, press articles, social media etc.

Dynamix Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameDynamix
Short NameDYNA
Circulating SupplyN\A
Total Supply1,000,000,000,000,000
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Why are you taking a tax?

The taxes will be allocated into 3 areas: – Rewards which will evolve according to the holders – Buyback / burn that will be triggered during a token sale – Marketing that will constitute the main part, since only marketing will make it possible to explode the currency and provide stability.

Why do you invest so much in marketing?

Dynamix have seen after thorough audits of several tokens and coins, the only way to explode a currency is with marketing. Ads also help to reach that goal, but only marketing can blow up a token. It is for this reason that coins will be using 60% of company budget on Marketing. They are going to sign partnerships with very big influencers, displaying billboards in the biggest cities of the world, press articles, social media etc. All transactions are tracked via events.

Why for developers?

Dynamix have no choice but to charge a few taxes to ensure the structure’s sustainability, i.e. – Smart Contract – Website development – Graphic marketing – Blocked cash automation – Staking – Voting – Certik audit – Simulator on your website etc. They do not hold a token for the simple reason that when the dev team holds too many tokens, nothing says it doesn’t sell and pushes the curve down, especially if it has a lot of it.

Dynamix have designed a Smart Contract to provide an alternativeto market token problems.

Dynamix Token includes an intelligent algorithm that adjusts the various transaction fees. Rather than setting fixed fees, which ultimately result in problems or are not equitable, your smart contract automatically and smartly adjusts the taxes of the transaction. For example, the reward system automatically increases based on the number of holders, so that the reward amount remains constant despite the number of holders. Another example is that the more you hold, the more rewards you receive, but the lower the sales tax. All these ratios are automatically managed and developers do not have any access to modify the variables of the different taxes in your smart contract.

Problems Rewards

Dynamix the Token is launched on the market with a REWARDS system, it is blocked on a basis ranging from 2% to 5%. The problem is that when the number of “HOLDERS” increases significantly, the number of rewards becomes incredibly low, as the pie is shared amongst more people. A new system has been released on the token market. This smart system generates a buyback when a holder decides to sell. Unfortunately, this system is not applied logically. It is not acceptable to perform the same buyback with $1 and $1000 because the resulting data would be wrong.

Sell Fees

Most tokens put into circulation apply tax at the start as the amount is defined by the dev team.
The only problem with this system is when the value of the token increases, the buyer is not interested in selling because taxes are high and there’s a risk in reduced gains and even losing money.

Dynamic Rewards

Dynamix have developed an algorithm to boost the number of rewards distributed. If the number of holders increases, the percentage of rewards will also increase. The purpose is not to share an existing cake, but to increase the size of that cake. They have also developed a dynamic tax system based on the ” token holding time”. To be clear, the more you HOLD the less you pay.

Explosive Marketing

After a long process of observation, they have found that making announcements about a project can increase the value of a token, but without the proper marketing in place, there is absolutely no point. The only way to make a currency explode, or blow it to new heights, is to implement powerful and consistent marketing. Dynamix have set up a BUYBACK system, based on the number of TOKENS sold. The higher number of tokens sold, the higher BUYBACK will be. And of course, all those tokens are burned.


What Is Dynamix(DYNA)? Complete Guide Review About Dynamix.