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What Is Ducky Egg (DEGG) Coin Review? Complete Guide Review About Ducky Egg 

What Is Ducky Egg (DEGG)

Ducky Egg is the token that powers DuckyDeFi financial protocol. Use cases of DEGG include the following: Staking in Pools to earn free tokens Providing liquidity in Liquidity Pools Use in Yield Farming Minting of Ducky NFTs (Part of Roadmap)

Deflationary Mechanics As for now, DuckyDeFi is yet to have an active burning mechanism implemented. They will conduct votes over time and work with the community towards common goals, which include deflationary mechanics in the future.

From a high-level view, an AMM replaces the order book market with a liquidity pool of two assets, which are both valued relative to each other. Ducky Egg price for these two assets will be re-determined whenever one of the assets is traded for another. In such a case, the buyer or seller trades directly with the pool instead, rather than with specific parties.

Ducky Egg Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameDucky Egg
Short NameDEGG
Circulating Supply8,613,444.00 DEGG
Max Supply500,000,000
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What drives us?

Decentralized finance, or commonly referred to as DeFi, has gained massive growth over the past year and continues on pioneering new models for individual financial autonomies and opportunities.

They are a group of enthusiastic and early adopters of the crypto world, that strongly believe the crypto world is the future. They understand the necessities of the crypto ecosystem and aim to bring as much real-world application using blockchain technology and make it more attenable and closer to everyone, even for someone who has just begun their crypto journey.

Why DuckyDeFi?

Not just me and not just you, it’s us. In Ducky Egg, they believe in the motto “By Community, For Community. They want to be as transparent and as fair as possible. That’s why we adopt a fair launch protocol: NO PRE-MINT, NO SEED, NO IFO, and NO PRESALE.

Core Finance Products

  • Ducky Swap:
    • Instantly swap tokens at low fees
    • Supply liquidity to earn proportionate of 0.17% transaction fee whenever the pair of assets are traded
  • Ducky Farm:
    • Stake LP tokens and earn DEGG. Higher exposure to market fluctuation but higher APR
  • Ducky Pool:
    • Stake DEGG and earn other tokens for free. No other hassle.

Ducky Swaps

Swaps on Ducky Egg Coin are the simplest way to trade one CRC-20 token for another via automated liquidity pools. The liquidity provided to the exchange comes from Liquidity Providers who stake their tokens in Pools.

Each token swap on the exchange will impose a 0.25% trading fee, which is broken down as follows:

0.17% – Returned to Liquidity Pools in the form of a reward for liquidity providers.

0.08% – Sent to the DuckyDeFi Treasury for marketing, development, and buyback purposes.

What are LP Tokens?

LP tokens are generated to the Liquidity Providers based on the pair of assets added into Liquidity Pools. For example, supplying CRO and BTC will generate CRO-BTC LP to the providers. The total number of LP tokens you receive represents your portion of the CRO-BTC liquidity pools, this is also proportional to the entitled rewards in terms of trading fees when people use your liquidity pool.

Yield Farming

Yield farming allows users to earn DEGG by staking LP Tokens. At the same time, as an LP tokens holder, you are still providing liquidity to the liquidity pool that gives you the LP rewards as well. A 1.5% fee applies only when staking LP tokens into the non-DEGG-farms.

Auto DEGG Pool

  • Stake your DEGG and watch it multiply itself
  • The auto-compounding is triggered by other users or the system for a small bounty
  • A small performance fee of 2% is subtracted automatically from each of your earning when the pool is compounded
  • An unstaking fee of 0.1% applies when you unstake within 3 days of manually staking

Use Cases

DEGG is the token that powers DuckyDeFi financial protocol.

Use cases of DEGG include the following:

  • Staking in Pools to earn free tokens
  • Providing liquidity in Liquidity Pools
  • Use in Yield Farming
  • Minting of Ducky NFTs (Part of Roadmap)

NFT Collectibles

Ducky Egg Coin Non-fungible Token (NFT) is a totally unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a digital ledger that uses blockchain technology to establish proof of ownership of digital assets. Any kind of real-world easily-reproducible digital files such as images, videos, music, or even in-game items can be stored as an NFT. Similar to physical art holding the value, NFT is the digital version of them, and similar to physical art, the price of NFT is largely driven by the market demand.

To date, more and more usages of NFT are being derived: from the beginning of merely selling of artwork to royalties for collection creators, staking of NFTs for collection holders, and even in-game purchases in video gaming.

Ducky Egg Coin Roadmap

  1. 1.Creation of Ducky NFTs minting which comprises of different stats and attributes.
  2. 2.Enable rewards adjustment based on different NFT hold.
  3. 3.Creation of decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).
  4. 4.Creation of NFT staking protocol.
  5. 5.Establish NFT buyback-and-burn.
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