What Is DTOP Token (DTOP)?

What Is DTOP Token (DTOP)? Complete Guide Review About DTOP Token.

What Is DTOP Token (DTOP)?

Thousands of individuals create data, but it is difficult to own it. And the profit from personal data comes from the company that owns the data. DTOP Token want to eliminate this inequity. Data generated by individuals should be owned by individuals, and the resulting revenues should also be shared by individuals. These thoughts may sound like a story from another world. But this is not just an imagination. Data Trade On-demand Platform (DTOP) will make our dreams a reality.

DTOP Token will not assume any responsibilities for failure or delay of service delivery and your losses incurred therefrom due to maintenance of information network equipment, faults of information network connection, faults of computer, communication or other systems, power supply breakdown, unfavorable weathers, accidents, strikes, labor disputes, riots, uprising, chaos, lack of productivity or production materials, fire, flood, storm, explosions, wars, reasons of banks or other cooperation parties, breakdown of digital asset market.

DTOP Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameDTOP Token
Short NameDTOP
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply12,000,000,000
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Market place

The Data Marketplace is an online space where data created by individuals is registered and data is purchased by subjects who need it. When data purchase occurs, data registrants are rewarded, and buyers get the data they want, so it is a win-win structure for each other. Weather information from around the world is registered and sold, and data that is useful in real life other than weather will be traded. The value and price of data is determined by balancing supply and demand, and no centralized institution or administrator is involved in the process.

Rights and Obligations of the Website

If you are not qualified to register as stated in the agreement, the website is entitled to reject your registration. For registered users, the website is entitled to cancel your member account and reserves the right to pursue liabilities of you or your authorized attorney. Meanwhile, the website reserves the right to decide whether to approve your registration at any other situations. When the website finds the actual account user is not the original account registrant, the website is entitled to suspend or stop the use of the account.

DTOP Token When the website has reasonable doubts on accuracy, authenticity, validity or completeness of your provided information by technological testing, manual random testing or other methods, the website is entitled to inform you to revise and update the information, or suspend or stop providing services to you. The website is entitled to correct any explicit errors of any information revealed on the website.


In any cases, DTOP Token compensation for your direct losses will not exceed the total costs for using the services on the website for three (3) months. In the event that you violates the agreement or other laws and regulations, you should give compensation of no less than 2 million US dollars and pay for all costs incurred therefrom (including attorney fees, etc.). If the compensation does not offset the actual losses, you should give additional compensation.

The website is entitled to request you to provide more information or materials and take reasonable measures according to laws, regulations, rules, acts and other norms in the sovereign state or region you are located in and you are obliged to support related works; the website is entitled to suspend or stop opening all or partial services to you according to laws, regulations, rules, acts and other norms in the sovereign state or region you are located in.

The Right to seek for injunctive relief

The both parties admit that relief measures for defaults or possible defaults according to common laws might not offset all DTOP Token losses, so the non-violating party is entitled to seek for injunctive relief and all other remedial measures allowed by common laws or equity in the event of defaults or possible defaults.

Any direct, special or incidental damage or losses due to infringement (including unpremeditated infringement), default or any other reasons, no matter whether the damage or losses are predictable and whether we are informed of the possibilities of the damage or losses.