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Dotster Web Hosting Review: The right spot to claim your domain name.

About Dotster

Founded in 1998, Dotster provide web hosting solutions and technology to successful individuals, entrepreneurs and small- and medium-sized business around the globe. They have since grown to be one of the largest web hosting and domain name providers, powering more than 1.2 million websites around the globe. They specialize in affordable domain names, web hosting, Email, SSL certificates, web design, and online marketing services. Your free domain services including URL Forwarding, Email Forwarding, Transfer Lock, and Total DNS Management, give customers comprehensive control over their domain portfolios.

They pride yourselves on listening to customers, truly understanding the technology challenges, and helping people, like you, move forward, achieve your goals and share your ideas online with the world. No matter what the level of technology required, they’ll find an answer. But not just any old answer. They offer sage advice that’s simple, reliable and works for you.

Some Quick Facts Dotster Web Hosting

DotsterBasic Details
Hosting NameDotster
Price$12.99/first year
Call Support800-401-5250
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Dotster Price

User Agreement

All direct Customers of Dotster basic services are subject to the terms and conditions contained in the User Agreement. The User Agreement is a legal contract and the User that contains the rights, duties and obligations of Dotster and the User. Domain Security Alerts lets you know if someone was making unauthorized changes to your account or domain? If a critical change is made to your account, like ownership or domain lock status changes, alert you via text message. If you didn’t make the changes, that could be an indicator that someone else is attempting to edit to your account.

Acceptable Use Policy

Dotster Usage Policy is designed to protect, its Users and others from illegal, malicious, damaging and inappropriate behavior by Users of services. All users of services are subject to the Usage Policy. The Usage Policy lists activities that are prohibited on services, such as hacking and spamming. Domain Policy requires that all registrants adhere to certain terms and conditions. As an organization or individual applying to register, transfer or renew a domain name.

Anti-Spam Policy

In your ongoing commitment to providing superior service for your customers, Dotster has introduced a new, more vigilant anti-spam policy. They have implemented the following policy as a part of your commitment to reducing spam related activity. When domains get blacklisted, their site traffic and marketing will suffer. Stay confident that your domain name has a good reputation by using Blacklist Monitoring. Malware scanning proactively monitors your site and alerts you to any code that could compromise the security and performance of your website. They alert you if anything should happen so you’re able to take quick, corrective action.

Secure your personal details

Domain Privacy + Protection prevents your personal information from being exposed. ICANN, the international governing body for domain names, requires every domain registrar to maintain a publicly viewable “WHOIS” database that displays the personal contact information (including home address and phone numbers) for every registered domain. With Domain Privacy + Protection enabled, this show your information in place of yours.

Protect your domain and website

Two potential threats to your website and domain are hackers and human error. Domain Privacy + Protection helps keep you safe from both, with malware scans and blacklist prevention provided by SiteLock. Not only are you protecting both your domain and website, but your reputation as well. Although you can add Domain Privacy + Protection before or after registering a domain name, they recommend doing it before. This way, your personal information is never made public in the WHOIS database. If you wait to purchase Domain Privacy + Protection, your information could be made public for a while and there’s no telling who will have seen it. It may take some time for all the WHOIS websites to clear their data caches and remove your information from public view.

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