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Dotroll Web Hosting Review: Manage Your Domain Name.

About Dotroll

By using resources that can be precisely tailored to your server needs, you do not have to pay for the unused capacity of the physical machine, and you do not have to make an expensive server investment for your start-up service. You don’t have to worry about the speed of your website and mail. Dotroll only use SSD drives in your hosting servers. Because of this and the excellent domestic and international bandwidth of your server room, your visitors will enjoy the fast loading of your website. If your customers do not understand it and you manage it, or if you want to issue limited access to your customers, this is the right choice.

Unique packages, unique prices, almost unlimited possibilities. Dotroll automatically create weekly backups of all your storage. You can even restore your database with one click, or manage your saved files or databases individually with the help of the application developed. The technology they use identifies excessive resource usage and manages storage spaces in an isolated, per-user file system. This ensures fast hosting services, protects users and reduces risk on web hosting servers. These reports are of course also available on the interface for our customers.

Some Quick Facts Dotroll Web Hosting

DotrollBasic Details
Hosting NameDotroll
Price10.665 FT
Call Support+36 – 1 – 432 – 3232
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Dotroll Price

What does re-registration of domain names mean?

Let’s start with a basic concept of domain name re-registration. It could be put in the simplest way when an existing, registered domain name is transferred from the Registrar who currently manages the domain to another Registrar. In this case, if you have a domain name with another registrar, you can transfer it to your company or to another registrar if you wish. When should you choose re-registration? There are several reasons why it might be worth it. The data storage of your web hosting servers and the servicing of incoming requests are carried out by SSD drives. With this technology, the speed of serving websites is significantly faster than with traditional SAS/SATA winchesters.

The most important things to know about SSL certificates

Dotroll have already discussed why it is important for your website to have a certificate, and now they will introduce three different types of SSL certificates according to validation level. All three types have the same encryption levels, but different verification requirements. Domain verified certificates (DV SSL) DV SSL certificates are fully supported, they are prepared immediately, as you do not need to submit any company papers or declarations. Ideal for anyone who needs it quickly and at a good price. DotRoll uses only the highest quality SuperMicro servers for their world-class reliability and performance. With their help, we provide unparalleled speed and availability to your customers.

High level of security

All your storage is located on an isolated file system, thus ensuring that a security incident on another storage does not pose a risk. They offer intrusion detection and web application protection through Mod Security. In addition, your CXS and CSF protection ensures proactive and periodic virus and hacking protection, including automatic blocking of IP addresses. With one click, you can install any of the popular CMS website software, whether it’s a complete website manager, forum, blog or online store, without any knowledge of programming or development, all with automatically provided updates.

With the help of your domain management system, you can easily track all domain operations (registration, re-registration, update, DNS management, exchange of name servers) in one place from a wide range of Hungarian and international domains. They believe in automated and controlled processes. They offer API access to all your customers and resellers – be it a domain management or hosting service.

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