What Is Dose (DOSE)?

What Is Dose (DOSE)? Complete Guide Review About Dose.

What Is Dose (DOSE)?

This Dose (the Document) may be amended or supplemented from time to time. It is provided on behalf of the Company and its related bodies corporate solely for information purposes and is provided so that you can better understand the scope of any prospective future issue of Token gifted by the Company to you in connection with the subscription by you for fully paid ordinary shares, for good commercial value independent of the Token Gift, in the Company as issued on, or intended to be issued in or around 31 May 2021.

The information contained in this Document is of a general nature and does not purport to be complete or verified by the Company. The information contained in this Document does not constitute investment or financial product advice (nor taxation, regulatory, accounting or legal advice), a financial opinion or a recommendation to acquire shares in the Company or any other member of the OliveX Group and should not be used as the basis for making any investment decision in respect of the Share Subscription.

This Document is not a prospectus, product disclosure statement or disclosure document for the purpose of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) or any other legislation regulating these things in any other jurisdiction. It has not been lodged with ASIC, or any other security regulator in any other jurisdiction or otherwise. You should read this Document in its entirety.

Dose Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameDose
Short NameDOSE
Circulating Supply51,903,165.01 DOSE
Total Supply5,000,000,000
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Past performance

Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance and no representation or warranty is made by any person as to the likelihood of achievement or reasonableness of any forward-looking statements, forecast financial information or other forecast. Nothing contained in this Document nor any information made available to you is, or shall be relied upon as, a promise, representation, warranty or guarantee as to the past, present or the future performance of the Company.

Regulatory Risk

You understand and accept that the distributed ledger technology used in the Dose ecosystem allows new forms of interaction and legal relationships. There is a possibility that certain jurisdictions will apply existing regulations, or introduce new regulations addressing blockchain technology-based applications, which may be contrary to the current setup and which may, inter alia, result in substantial modification of the Play-to-Earn model, including its termination and the loss of the Tokens or their functionality for you.

You understand and accepts that even if Dose Tokens do not create or confer any contractual or other obligations against any party (including Company, members or other developers, auditors, contractors or founders associated with the Company or the OliveX ecosystem, certain regulators may nevertheless classify Tokens as securities or other financial instruments under their applicable law. It remains your responsibility to comply with any applicable laws and regulations when holding or dealing with Tokens.

Case Study – 22 Pushups

22 Pushups is developed by OliveX HK and was first released for download in May 2017. The app utilizes the smartphone’s light sensor to automatically count a user’s push-up exercises. This has been one of OliveX’s most successful apps and achieved recognition as ‘App of the Day’ on the Apple Store. 22 Push ups means a challenge for doing 22 push ups every day.

The app aims to keep users well-motivated to improve push ups training. There are lots of cool features inside the app to motivate users and make them go until the end. For example, with each new level, there is a new coaching voice that can be unlocked. Moreover, this app has a mandatory rule that users need to record each daily push up training. When others can see one exercise, there is no excuse for users to skip.

Case Study – SOL Cycling

Dose Sol Cycling is an open-world free-to-play cycling game, launched in Q1 2021. It is an indoor cycling fitness game and the setting takes place on a shared planet. Users can ride with friends on real Mars terrain by using a bike trainer with blue tooth power sensors. It keeps users healthy with a workout on Mars thanks to terrain imagery from NASA’s JPL & UofA. Users can also ride or run at their own pace with the Perseverance Rover, or sweat their way through the SOL story.


Over the course of the 21st Century, societies around the world collapsed as they failed to deal with climate change and the catastrophic events that ensued. Many parts of the globe were sunken due to extreme flooding, and the parts that remained became hot and barren, facing hostile droughts. The final blow came when a massive and sustained solar flare wiped out most advanced technologies and plunged society into a technological dark age.

Over the decades that followed, pirates, bandits and scavengers formed small and fractured clans. These groups aim to gather relics of the golden age, and use them to protect what little resources (food, water etc.) they have. Every relic is an advantage, and every clan is in it for themselves.