What Is Doren(DRE)? Complete Guide Review About Doren.

What Is Doren(DRE)?

Doren Paris Agreement was adopted by United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in 2015. It was adopted on 12 December 2015, the closing date of the Conference, and became effective as a comprehensive international law from 4 November 2016. Conference organizer Laurent Fabius, the French foreign minister, called the plan “an ambitious and balanced” a “historical turning point” in global warming. It is an international agreement to maintain the global average temperature increase width below 2oC compared to before industrialization and further to limit the temperature increase width below 1.5oC.

Countries should set their own goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promise the international community to implement them, and the international community will jointly verify their implementation. Doren The Paris Agreement was unanimously adopted by 195 countries at the 23rd General Assembly on Climate Change in 2016. Despite the U.S. declaration of withdrawal in June 2017, more than 200 countries, or 87% of the world’s carbon emissions, are still implementing the agreement.

Doren Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameDoren
Short NameDRE
Circulating Supply42,204,000.00 DRE
Total Supply9,000,000,000
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Market Analysis

As of 2018, generation volume analysis by energy shows that solar energy accounts for an overwhelming proportion of solar energy with 100 GW (55%), wind power 51 GW (28%, including offshore wind power 4.5 GW), hydro power 20 GW (11%), and other 10 GW(such as bio). Doren Since 2012, new renewable energy generation and supply have continued to increase amid the spread of the trend of conversion to clean energy to reduce greenhouse gas and air pollution around the world. From 2012 to 2018, the market growth rate increased by an average of about 8% per year.

New renewable energy accounted for 33% of the world’s power generation facilities, with a cumulative size of 2,378 GW, and China, which leads new renewable energy supply and investment, ranks first in the world in hydro, solar and wind power. The United States ranks first in terms of bio and geothermal heat.

Timeliness of Korea energy mediation business

On the contrary, in the case of timeliness of the business, the Doren Foundation conducts a new renewable energy control & mediation business in Korea, so the atmosphere of the small power mediation market in Korea should be analyzed. It is right to analyze the size and trend of business globally. In 2018, the Electricity Business Act related to the small power mediation market (market to recruit small power resources, refer as mediation market) was revised.

Doren Since then, preparations have been carried out for about six months, including enacting and revising related sub-laws and establishing a system, and the mediation market has been opened and operated since 2019. In other words, it is a new market industry that is currently only in its first year, and is the area of blue ocean. A business that collects electricity generated or stored from small-scale resources (renewable facility power plants of less than 1MW, ESS, electric vehicles, etc.) and trades it in the power market is called a small-scale power mediation business (refer to mediation business).

Timeliness of Korea energy mediation business

Since the opening of the mediation market, electricity and REC traded through mediation firms have reached 11.3 GWh and 3,522 REC, respectively. simple registration procedures, not through the existing permit system, and entry barriers were minimized by easing the criteria for capital, facilities, and technical personnel. Although those are insignificant compared to the electricity and REC of new renewable energy, which is traded directly in the power market without going through the mediation market, the growth potential can be expected in the future growth, considering expectations for the mediation market and the willingness of brokers to participate.

Lack of overall data reliability for energy generation / storage / trade

All data is stored on a centralized server and data is moved to the power exchange by the server administrator. This is the biggest security problem in which power generation and production history by insiders can be hacked. The current energy industry has problems from the time of generation and production. Energy data is highly vulnerable to manipulation by third
parties and is a system with limited recognition of revenue relative to real-time power generation for generators (suppliers).

There is also a problem with power trades. Doren This is a ledger comparison between producers (suppliers) and consumers to check demand data, which is crucially an environment in which data leakage or contrast errors can occur at any time by manually checking power transactions by humans.

Expanding Small power generation energy usage and revenue business

The representative business is the number of small power plants such as solar power plants is rapidly increasing. Various renewable energy generation businesses are emerging under the domestic renewable energy 3020 policy. Doren However, due to the absence of an efficient data integration monitoring center for small power generation resources, there is no suitable platform for processors of smooth energy generation, storage, supply and trade to operate normally.

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