What Is DoraemonInu(DORAEMONINU)? Complete Guide Review About DoraemonInu.

What Is DoraemonInu (DORAEMONINU)?

Stealth launching on Ethereum Main-net, DoraemonInu goal was to show the world the power of baby steps, and of an ever-growing organic community. Based on the popular manga/anime character Doraemon, the token has already proved it’s huge potential, reaching 100+ holders and a market cap of 350k+ in less than 12 hours. The journey has just begun, so stick around to see what Doraemon has fo his magic pocket.

DoraemonInu Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameDoraemonInu
Circulating SupplyN\A
Total Supply1,000,000,000,000,000,000
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DoraemonInu developer implemented measures to assure our token would perform optimally. This Company coin features anti-whale and anti bot measures, besides having max transaction limits to assure its prosperity. The token’s liquidity is locked for 6 months and its ownership has already been renounced.  You can have as much as you want. Make sure to read the whitepaper to know about different classes & races of Eutarians and how it will be useful for future updates. An account can only own 1 tavern and 1 cavern. The taverns and caverns are limited and not all accounts can have taverns and caverns. It’s used to bridge assets from. It is also possible to bridge your assets $USDT & $USDC over to the Polygon chain from your OKEx wallet.

Supported Devices

The Infinity Wallet is available on desktop, supporting a wide variety of devices and operating systems, allowing users globally to access their wallet and digital assets with no restrictions. This unique one of a kind wallet is available across all major platforms, further fortifying position as the only wallet a user will ever need to access the world of decentralized finance.

Multi-chain wallet and gateway for decentralized finance

Infinity Wallet is the ultimate all-in-one non-custodial multi-chain wallet and gateway for decentralized finance, bringing a wide range of unique features and advancements. Providing users with full control of their digital assets to easily store, send, monitor, exchange, access Dapps & DeFi and much more. As a global digital asset gateway, Infinity Wallet provides access to the entire DeFi space across multiple chains. DoraemonInu All within a single wallet that has been engineered and crafted to the smallest detail, to bring a smooth, secure and seamless experience to all users no matter their experience.

DoraemonInu aim to satisfy the needs of all users and enable DeFi adoption globally, as the ultimate all-in-one platform for personal finance of the future. Providing one of the most intuitive, user-friendly and cutting-edge platforms in the space. A company approach focuses on constant innovative developments, features and protocols aiming to explore untapped demands of users globally. As one the most innovative wallets and well-designed applications, working closely with the community to improve DeFi and become a leader in DeFi and blockchain adoption worldwide. Making the switch to decentralized finance easier than ever before.

Mobile Wallet Sneak Peaks

The Infinity Wallet mobile version is currently in development. Below are a few teasers of this unique and professional interface that has been worked on with leading UI/UX designers, to bring the best possible experience and new ways for users to manage digital assets and access DeFi.

Infinity Wallet Connect

DoraemonInu you don’t yet have the Infinity Wallet you can download it here. If you have Infinity Wallet installed but are not prompted to connect, your browser settings may be blocking it. Infinity Wallet supports over 150,000+ cryptocurrencies across multiple chains, allowing users to easily import and use any token they hold without needing multiple wallets. The Infinity Wallet currently supports the ability to connect to any Dapp or DeFi protocol and platform on the following chains.