What Is Don-key (DON)?

What Is Don-key (DON)? Complete Guide Review About Don-key.

What Is Don-key (DON)?

Don-key is reducing the entry barrier for both yield farmers and liquidity providers, opening the DeFi world for two distinct groups of people those with low investment funds and those who cannot dedicate themselves to mastering the skills and strategies needed to participate in the DeFi world. Your vision is to provide yield farmers and investors with a gamified social trading experience and with a seamless planning tool and positions, while offering farmers abundant liquidity with which to execute their strategies. Saving substantial gas by pooling investments with other investors who provide liquidity to the same protocols.

Don-key Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameDon-key
Short NameDON
Circulating Supply55,456,083.29 DON
Total Supply100,000,000
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Don-key Farmer

Don-key believe that yield farmers are at the frontier of the DeFi revolution and they are here to support them. Don-key’s platform allows your modern farmers to become rock stars. Building the architecture and laying out the blueprints of new and innovative yield
farming strategies, and sharing them with liquidity providers in return for nifty commission. To change strategy blueprints on the go, and thus enable liquidity to move from between protocols with nearly zero fees. To create a farmer profile representing your farming philosophy, your way of thinking, and your proven yield.

Don-key is the long-awaited toolbox that offers yield strategists a way to monetize their DeFi strategie efficiency. Getting paid for providing new blueprints and new ideas that liquidity providers can literally Copy farm with the help of Don-key’s platform infrastructure. Ultimately, the goal is to achieve a minimal fee structure and maximal profit opportunity.

Risk scores

Everyone loves a good yield, but we all have a different approach towards risk. A yield farmers are rated using a proprietary Don-key Ratio algorithm that scores a portfolio’s risk-adjusted returns relative to an investment target using downside risk. They are in the process of improving the algorithm under modern portfolio theory so it meets DeFi standards and platform needs. To make your investors’ lives easier and build a true table of comparison between different strategies, every strategy has an associated risk score. This score is represented by a number between 1 and 10, where 1 is low risk and 10 is high risk.

The initial risk score is set when the first strategy is deployed, and updated as more strategies are added to the farmer’s profile. The Don-key team looks at a variety of risk factors to assess the risk score using the unique risk model score. There are a few parameters when it comes to measuring risk including the category of the underlying asset (stable or speculative), leverage risk (borrowing ratio), the daily volume of the underlying asset, and more.

Capital combination / capital assignment

Users holding a min of 100 $DON tokens can access the DAPP and assign capital to one or more smart contract pools that execute the attached blueprints of a specific farmer. The smart contract acts as a mediator between the liquidity provider and all the multiple protocols the strategy’s blueprint interacts with. This helps the users to simplify their investment status at any given moment.

Don-key Users will have the ability to unlock multiple layers of access based on their tokens staked, their interaction with the platform, and their participation within governance structures for example higher tiers will get access to VIP farmers before the rest, instant messages and notifications about new strategies, reduced commission and more Whether you are a sophisticated user or just an average joe, you can invest like the best and add liquidity to any strategy.

Deposit, fees and withdraws and how the system works

For these purposes Don-key will invest the liquidity according to the blueprint attached in cycles rather than immediately when inserted into the pool. Don-key job is to create a gamified marketplace connecting both yield farmers and liquidity providers. In addition your platform provides the infrastructure for minimizing costs for the users and auto compounding the returns.

Typically each pool will have at least 2 cycles daily. When a user deposits funds into a pool, the funds will always be invested in the following cycle. The same applies for withdrawals, for example if a user issues a withdrawal, the funds will be released at the upcoming cycle. Don-key guarantees 1 cycle every 24 hours – 7 days a week.