What Is DOK Token(DOK)? Complete Guide Review About DOK Token.

DOK Token

What Is DOK Token(DOK)?

DOK Token utility token managed by DokTok, is the fuel of the Decentralized Doconchain Network built to redesign the Gig economy for the Web3, providing entrepreneurs, freelancers, creators and artists with blockchain and NFTs managed solutions to boost their business using a token economy(open to unbanked) while offering a ‘contribute to earn’ reward program to contributors who participate to the network growth.

DOK Token manage the Doconchain token with the goal to both encourage token buyers to hold for value appreciation and support the development of the decentralized network and the token economy linked to freelancer and creator businesses. DokTok treasury will be step by step governed via a DAO process. Launch the DOC Gig platform network for WFH freelancers Launch copyright NFT(original work) tokenization for artists and creators Transfer governance to DAO Boost the token economy and Decentralized network with community contributors.

DOK Token Game Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameDOK Token
Short NameDOK
Circulating Supply43,000,000.00 DOK
Total Supply120,000,000
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What Is DOC Paperless?

DOK Token A SaaS suite of solutions blockchain managed, powered by Doconchain, which allows you to safely prepare, sign, manage, share and track digital documents. The platform offers solutions for all types of documents, from contracts and agreements to bills and invoices. DOC Paperless solutions combine a new generation of tamper-proof digital signatures based on a NFT with an incorruptible document passport, a security layer based on a blockchain distributed storage, collaborative tools to prepare documents (messaging and video meeting solutions) and a solution to verify if documents were forged. The value of this platform is about speed, time and money saving, security and trust. Secure e-Documents can be signed and shared within minutes.

How To Start?

DOK Token You will sign up automatically with a Free plan, you can continue with it or anytime you can select a plan that fits your business and needs. Your selected plan offers you the possibility to sign and manage many documents per month while using collaborative tools. Each time you complete a document, certain credits are debited from your account wallet (your plan gives you a certain number of credits to use each month). If you need to manage more documents, you can purchase credits for that. You can also upgrade or downgrade your plan any time.


  • Empower freelancers and tech entrepreneurs with blockchain protected solutions to prepare, sign, manage and execute deals while getting paid via a token economy that allocate 95% of the proceed to them and allow unbanked to participate to the WFH revolution.
  • Empower creators and artists with blockchain and NFTs solutions to protect their original works via copyright NFTs, tokenize and monetize them while being able to transfer copyright NFTs (author and owner’s authentication) to work buyers.

Security, Privacy Trust and Cost Saving

The actions are recorded on the blockchain, with a timestamp for each signature and completed documents. DOK Token solution is reliable while significantly reducing the cost of document management, security and tracking. Only signers can access the signed documents and the traceability (audit trail) is also recorded in the blockchain. The document passport and verifiable elements are controlled by the signers to provide a high level of privacy.

A better Traceability With tools under one umbrella

Keeping track of all the tools you used to create, sign, manage and store documents was a nightmare. DOK Token Paperless is changing that, offering a secure way to use the tools you need under one secure umbrella to easily work with your team and network.