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What Is Dogy Race (DOR)? Complete Guide Review About Dogy Race.

What Is Dogy Race (DOR)?

The NFT is a non-fungible token that is a unit of data that is stored on a blockchain and attests that a digital asset is unique and therefore cannot be duplicated. Dogy Race know that this concept of digital property is still very new, and there is certainly a valid argument of potentially increasing the value of an authentic and non-replicable NFT with a fully transparent property.

From Dogy Race have thought of several ways to do this but certainly the most profitable for the players and for the creators was to monopolize the market and create a decentralized platform on dog racing that is sustained on the blockchain that allows players to bet on races, compete with their own dogs and also acquire the dog tracks to take a percentage of the races. They decided to create race to take the betting world to another level and make it secure and totally transparent to be able to play with total security.

Dogy Race Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameDogy Race
Short NameDOR
Circulating Supply12,000,000.00 DOR
Total Supply100,000,000
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Dog Races

10 Dogs participate in each race. Every Dog owner must pay the entry fee that will be used as reward to the top 3 and a part of this fees will be used to pay to Aerodrome owner, who set the rules for each race. At initial game release, the race is primarily determined by Random Number Generator (RNG), providing you with a fair opportunity to place in the top 3. The speed and stamina parameters play a role – it might influence the win but does not guarantee it. The player pays a participation fee. After the race, the winner is announced and Dogy Race Tokens are allocated to the winners’ account. After the race, the horse racing cool-down begins.

NFT Dogs

Dogy Race dogs are totally unique, just like in real life they have different characteristics such as speed, strength, endurance and also a market value. They use NFT technology to create and differentiate each dog in the game. The dogs are stored as NFT tokens that that you can buy on NFT marketplaces (in-game or external Marketplaces). The data of each NFT dog is visible to the public. Users can inspect each dog’s appearance, check its racing history and form. Dogs can compete only with same-tier dogs, in this way all the races will be more balanced.

NFT Canodromes

Dogy Race have always been held in aerodromes, where dogs compete for the first place. They have implemented the option for players to buy these canodromes and be able to earn fees for each race. Each canodrome will have its own rules that will be implemented by its owner and in this way the races will be much more customizable. The players who do not participate in the race will be able to place their bets at the ticket offices depending on the performance of the dogs in the last races, the games will be public so that you can enjoy with the rest of the players that you can find in the telegram channel.

NFT Tokens

The NFT technology allows to obtain unique dogs represented in NFT chips. Each dog has its own characteristics and is different from the rest, it is different and each one will have a different rarity. They can be bought and sold in the marketplace of the site. Dogy Race is an BEP20-compliant cryptographic token that can be traded on Binance Smart Chain(BSC) blockchain. It can serve players as an in-game utility currency or simply to convert it into a store of value.

The use of Dogy Race for in-game transactions allows to reduce the costs of transaction fees, keeping them to a minimum. External contributors to the project will get the Race currency as a reward in the form of payment. This will increase the interest in continuing to play the game. All transactions within the game will be carried out in $DOR. This guarantees a constant volume of tokens and a circulating supply. Deposits via cryptocurrencies or traditional payment methods such as a credit card is automatically and transparently converted to DogyRace token.


Owners of NFT dogs have full control over their dogs and Dogy Race tokens,they can be traded in-game or in external marketplaces. The player can mint a ramdon dog or buy it from other player who have already used it. They can be sold at a fixed price or through an auction. All the transactions are made exclusively in DogyRace Tokens, which guarantees constant token volume and circulating supply.

  • If the user decides to buy a dog on the market for a fixed price, the Dogyrace coins are deducted from his wallet.
  • If the user has bought a dog for a fixed price from another user, the ownership of the NFT dog is assigned to the wallet of the corresponding user. DogyRace tokens are reassigned to the user who sold the dog.

DogyRace Token (DOR)

The Dogy Race Token, which can be found on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, can be used to buy NFT assets as well as for long term trading and investing in the market. Holders will have access to the private beta game and will be rewarded by reporting errors. Using DogyRace Token (DOR) for in-game transactions allows us to lower costs on transaction fees, keeping them at the bare minimum. Within the platform DogyRace Token will be used to make in-game operations for trading NFT dogs and receiving race payments easier and more secure.

Deposits via cryptocurrencies or traditional payment methods such as a credit card, PayPal and more are automatically and transparently converted into Dogy Race Tokens which are then used to complete the transaction. Referral and reward systems use $DOR. Wallet users, influences, social media accounts, blogs or media will receive their referral rewards in $DOR.


What Is Dogy Race (DOR)? Complete Guide Review About Dogy Race.
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