What Is Dogelana(DLANA)? Complete Guide Review About Dogelana.


What Is Dogelana(DLANA)?

Dogelana Phantom is a wallet and browser extension that can be used to manage digital assets and access decentralized applications on the Solana blockchain. It works by creating and managing private keys on behalf of its users, allowing them to store funds and sign transactions. The extension injects a solana object into the javascript context of every web application the user visits. The application may then interact with the wallet, such as asking for permission to perform a transaction, through this injected object.

Dogelana The Phantom browser extension will inject an object called solana on the window object of any web application the user visits. The solana object is also available on window. Phantom to prevent namespace collisions.To detect if a browser extension using this API is installed, you can check for the existence of the solana object.To make it easy to detect Phantom specifically, the extension adds an additional is phantom flag.

Dogelana Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameDogelana
Short NameDLANA
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply10,000,000,000
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Establishing a Connection

Dogelana order to start interacting with Phantom you must first establish a connection. This connection request will prompt the user for permission to share their public key, and indicate that they are willing to interact further. Once permission is established the first time, the web application’s domain will be whitelisted for future connection requests. The user may also indicate that they are willing to auto-approve certain transactions from the application as well. Similarly, it is possible to terminate the connection both on the application and the user side.

Sending a Transaction

Once the web application is connected to Phantom, it can send transactions on behalf of the user, with the user’s permission.

In order to send a transaction, the web application must:

  • Create an unsigned transaction or transactions.
  • Have it be signed and submitted to the network by the user’s Phantom wallet.
  • Optionally await the confirmation using a Solana JSON RPC connection.

For more information about the nature of transactions on Solana, it is recommended to review the solana web3js. docs as well as the official Solana docs.

Displaying Tokens

Dogelana you’ve created a token on Solana using the SPL Token Program, then your token is compatible with Phantom. If Phantom users own a certain balance of an SPL token, that balance will always appear in their wallet. However, if Phantom cannot find more metadata about a certain token, it will display it as “Unknown”. The next sections describe how Phantom searches for and displays token metadata.

Metadata Structure

Dogelana on-chain metadata contains the following fields. How or whether the fields are used depend on whether the token is considered fungible, or non-fungible. If the uri field is present, the token is considered non-fungible and will appear in the collectibles tab, otherwise it is considered fungible and appears in the home tab.

Non-Fungible Tokens

On Solana, NFTs are simply SPL Tokens, often, but not necessarily, with 0 decimals and a supply of 1. Phantom will display tokens as “Collectibles” in their own dedicated tab when they are identified as such. If Phantom cannot identify a particular mint as an NFT, it will display the token as a fungible token instead. This means that tokens which Phantom knows nothing about will appear in the main token list.

Displaying Your App

Dogelana you are Establishing a Connection, or Sending a Transaction to a user with Phantom, they are presented with the dialogs above. Phantom will inspect the HTML of the application’s page itself in order to display the title and icon for the dialogs. A quick way to get started with integrating Phantom in your app is the Solana Wallet Adapter package. It is a set of modular TypeScript wallet adapters and components for easily integrating wallets in Solana applications. The package includes starter files, setup and usage instructions, and a live demo showcasing different ui frameworks.