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What Is Dogelana? (DGLN) Complete Guide Review About Dogelana.

What Is Dogelana?

Dogelana Coin per the latest price analysis run by TradingView for Dogelana (DGLN), its price has surged tremendously at a rate worth 161.95%. After experiencing the surge, the price for has moved up to $0.00006822 per DGLN. Even the past 60-minutes analysis for shows that its price has surged by 84.67%. After exhibiting constant surges in the past 24-hours, Dogelana’s unit price is now at $0.00006822 per DGLN.

As far as the bullish sentiments are concerned, Dogelana is expected to rise up to $0.00007410 per DGLN, if the rally continues. If strong sentiments are built by the bulls surrounding then they may succeed in pushing price up to $0.00007824 per DGLN.

For the bearish sentiments, the investors may start selling to cause a plummet in order to pull Dogelana price down to $0.00006385 per DGLN. If the bears are able to do that, then the sentiments of the investors may turn bearish. In that case, the bears may succeed in pulling price down to $0.00005954 per DGLN.

Dogelana Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameDogelana Coin
Short NameDGLN
Circulating Supply6.90B PWARS
Total Supply6.90B PWARS
Source CodeClick Here To View Source Code
ExplorersClick Here To View Explorers
Twitter PageClick Here To Visit Twitter Group
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

Coolest doge

Built on Solana and therefore powered by incredibly speedy, efficient, and decentralized blockchain technology, This is also the fastest doge in the entire world. Transparency, honesty, and consistency are at the core. This original concept and killer application of the immensely powerful Solana blockchain has positioned us to heel and stay as the leading Shiba Inu of Solana.

Community is everything. Get involved!

The Dogelana Coin journey ahead means nothing without all of us being here to experience it. The community has continued to grow tenfold day after day, and that growth is only speeding up.

Most importantly, the diverse community is full of intelligent, loving, and diamond-handed doge lovers of all shapes and sizes, and it will stay that way for decades to come. Together, and friends can continue to blossom at a barkingly impressive rate.

Sharing is caring. Help us give back!

Dogelana truly loves other animals, and so 15% of the maximum total supply (2.25 billion) of (DGLN) has been dedicated to fulfilling the new and caring “Milestone Charitable Donations” concept.

As the value of (DGLN) reaches certain milestones, the charitable donations will be initiated. At each of the four milestones, these donations will be divvied up amongst the top ten animal-supporting charities or shelters, as chosen by the community through voting.

Browse the official Dogelana NFT collection!

Let’s face it — the Dogelana Coin ecosystem is becoming a leader in digital art NFTs. The available NFTs have been evolving with beauty and complexity. Rare and attractive; What’s not to love? Shiba Inu addicts, rejoice at the opportunity to own such value!

Play to earn Dogelana!

That’s right. Coming soon to a gaming interface near you. The developers are hard at work tying together fun and interactive -inspired games with the enjoyable economic incentives of a thriving digital asset world. These games are under construction, but will surely spark some joy when they’re ready.

Review the roadmap!

They hope you’ll come along for the journey. It’s been an amazing one already, but it’s just getting started. The Solana-Shiba ecosystem is set to explode, but Dogelana stands out as the favorite. Take some time to analyze the forthcoming development plans set out for and stand by as it all comes to fruition.


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