What Is Doge2K22 (DK)? Complete Guide Review About Doge2K22.

What Is Doge2K22 (DK)?

If your project is an un-released fair launch, or a presale that has no available presale url on your website, the ad will be limited to only appearing in the bottom left spot marked as “presale ads”. Doge2K22 will appear in a-ads as being marked as “shady”. This limitation is removed after your token is launched or after you provide a pre-sale url for unicrypt or dxsale. Ads for any launched token that has less than $10k worth of BNB or stablecoin in the liquidity pool will be rejected. Ads that target the poocoin website now require KYC.

The banner ads are purchased through an ad provider You can also purchase them by hovering on the icon in the top-right and clicking the “your ad here” link. If you burn the initial supply to create a misleading percentage of what the dev owns (for example giving the dev 10%, then burning 50% straight after, which means the 10% is actually 20%) and then claim on your website that you own the percentage displayed on bscscan (10% in the example), the token will be rejected.

Doge2K22 Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameDoge2K22
Short NameDK
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total SupplyN/A
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Un-Vetted list

The Un-Vetted list will place all new submissions to the top of the list, pushing the rest down. You can promote the same token as many times as you want, putting it back to the top of the list. If your token is pushed off the top-10 most recent deposits, it will no longer be on the list and you will have to deposit again to get it back onto the top. Place your token on the Un-Vetted list by depositing 20.0000 WBNB ($8,609.47) (You must wrap your regular BNB into WBNB on pancakeswap). This is non-refundable and cant be withdrawn.

The token you will promote if you have unlocked this feature. (Must be a valid Binance Smart Chain token address). Doge2K22 Become a top-10 LP depositor to promote your token. This pool has a 5% deposit fee and does not offer a farming reward. Your promoted token will be featured in the promoted tokens list. You can withdraw at any time.

Do not purchase any POOCOIN or POOCOIN/BNB LP tokens until your token has been approved. The tx fees from purchasing POOCOIN cannot be refunded if your token is rejected. You can add this pricebot for free to your telegram group by adding @Poocoin_Pricebot to your group.

Requirements for token approval

Your token must have a website and have the details uploaded to BSCScan. The token contract must be verified on BSCScan. Doge2K22 The LP for your token must be locked for at least 2 months or burned. The dev must have no more than 10% of the initial supply.

Reflect tokens that distribute transaction fees to all holders are allowed but ones that are coded to send transaction fees to the dev wallet will be rejected. If the contract is coded to send BNB to a charity, the only charity allowed is the official Binance Charity Wallet address.

Display your banner

Doge2K22 must submit a website url and image to promotions or @fomo11 with the dimensions 350px/100px and format jpg, png, or gif (can be animated). The displayed banner will be cycled each time the page is loaded. The chance that your banner is displayed depends on your share of the top-10 pool that have banners. For example: if you have 30% of the pool share, your banner will be displayed 30% of the time the page is loaded.

You can also display your website and telegram links when your chart is being viewed. The users don’t need to worry about somebody sells the data to advertisers, like what Google, Facebook did. But if an advertiser pays the fee to a user, and such user authorizes this advertiser to access the data, that’s acceptable. The helper chain is stateless for the high performance purpose. The storage is outside of the helper chain.