What Is Dodream? (DRM) Complete Guide Review About Dodream.

What Is Dodream? (DRM) Complete Guide Review About Dodream.

What Is Dodream?

Dodream Coin is a blockchain-based international student matching service. It is an integrated O2O platform for studying abroad in Korea to improve the experience of foreign students from the stage of preparing for studying abroad to the moment they settle in Korea, and to share communication channels and work with related institutions.

The recruitment of international students is an irreversible trend. As the school-age population is decreasing, the number of university students is gradually decreasing and financial difficulties due to the tuition freezing require a new breakthrough for universities. Meanwhile, more and more international students are considering going to Korea to study under the influence of the Korean Wave.

Dodream Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameDodream Coin
Short NameDRM
Circulating Supply137,416,947.00 DRM
Total Supply250,000,000
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Problem Recognition

Unregulated Intermediary

Dodream Coin International students preparing to study in Korea search for local intermediaries first. It is to obtain necessary information and identify documents to submit. However, because of asymmetric information and dependent relationships are formed, students can not assess which broker is reliable. As a result, they will be designed to enter the university in a direction that maximizes the interests of intermediaries rather than meeting the conditions they want.

Forgery of Certificates

Because of fake documents, there is a hole laxity in the immigration management and financial capture of foreigners. A process is required to prove and confirm your qualifications, but there is a possibility of fraud. In fact, there are frequent cases with an intermediary disguised as studying abroad for the purpose of illegal employment and attempting to study abroad by forging insufficient qualifications.

Dodream there is an attempt to solve through strengthening regulations, but there is a clear limitation, such as checking the documents with eyes rather than technical methods at the stage of reviewing them.

Absence of Community

When they travel abroad or stay overseas, they get the necessary information through acquaintances or Internet communities. Although it can be helpedby locals or the national institutions, they prefers more familiar and accessible information. Information that is spontaneously generated and shared among the resident community, will bring a very satisfactory experience abroad.


Dream Design

Dodream Coin O2O service that recommends a suitable study abroad course according to the conditions set by the user, and simplifies the process from online application based on blockchain, matching with verified brokers, and managing stay after admission

Do Play

A platform service that shares specialized content for each field that can arouse interest in Korea, such as K-Beauty, K-Food, and K-POP, and applies a token reward system according to content production and influence


Learning service for users who take the TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) to obtain various qualifications such as admission to a domestic university, employment, and visa

Do Talking

Dodream It is possible to share various experiences and information related to studying in Korea, and to provide token incentives to users who are helpful to the community ecosystem, and a network centered on foreign students that allows individual transactions according to agreement.

DRM Token

DRM token is a value transmission means used in DoDream Chain and is a basic unit that works by a smart contract. DRM token was created on the decentralized blockchain platform and the owner of the token has full authority, so a third party can not be edit or delete arbitrarily.

Token Economy

Dodream Coin It is a means of value transfer used on the DoDreamChain platform and is the basic unit operated by a smart contract. Users can use DRM tokens for various services provided through the DoDreamChain platform, such as matching, inquiry, and purchase. 

Users of various nationalities can transact between individuals without remittance or currency exchange fees. By leaving token transaction history, users can receive verified services and information and secure a transparent reputation.